NCLS Weekly Newsletter 10-Apr-2014

Dear Parents,

This coming Sunday 4/13 will be the last class for the month of April.  We do not have school on 4/20 and 4/27 due to the April vacation week.  We hope you enjoy the break.

Last Sunday we found out that some parents unplugged ethernet cables from Day School’s computers.  We also found out that when an ethernet cable was plugged back, it’s plugged as BOTH ENDS to the same network switch.  For those of you who have computer networking knowledge, you know what this means.  Our school was notified by Day School regarding to the issues happened to their computers on Monday 4/7.  Therefore, we want all our parents to know that this is a violation to our rental contract.  PLEASE DO NOT UNPLUG THEIR COMPUTER ETHERNET CABLES.

This coming Sunday we will have our last group (age 12-16) speech contest.  It will start at 3:40pm in room 227.  We had very successful contests for the other two age groups. Let us give our best wishes to all contestants on this Sunday. Have confidence and enjoy your speech!

Updates on Heartbleed Bug: As you may have heard in the news recently, a vulnerability called Heartbleed has been identified which represents a potential security threat to a large number of websites.  Our website hosting vendor has confirmed that a fix has been put in place.  Just like you do with other financial websites, Yahoo mail and gmail etc, you should change you password to keep your account security.

See you this Sunday.

Guangsong and Ling

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