NCLS Weekly Newsletter 3-Apr-2014

Dear Parents,

Hope all had a restful Sunday last week.  We will have school this coming Sunday 4/6.  Welcome back!

1.    Speech contest for age group 9-11 at the 2nd floor auditorium

The contest will start at 3:30pm sharp.  If your child is participating the contest, please bring him/her to the auditorium at 3:15pm to get ready.  We have a large group of contestants this Sunday, therefore we need to start the contest on time. Thanks for your support!

2.  “星光杯”作文比赛揭晓



一等奖:   唐若洋      二等奖:雷杰 陆雷恩     三等奖: 恩婉娜 沈采英


一等奖:高安     二等奖: 周丽丽 周诗宇   三等奖:郑子恺 周芷清 陈小凤

优胜奖:董煜恒    星光奖:张露茜 宓尹康


一等奖:王文伊     二等奖:杨泓钰 尚尔雯   三等奖:金石 杨月潇 唐牧阳

优胜奖:张柳飞  戴睿安  马优然  于海天

创意奖:薛思晴  张若涵  范雪景  杨蔚然

星光奖:文沐云  莫金鑫  周颖欣  张瑞


3.  Math Classes Student Competition this Sunday

The 3rd NCLS Math Contest will be held on April 6th. Different from the previous contest, only the students who register in NCLS Math program will attend the contest voluntarily this year. With the support from NCLS administration, we decide to make Math Contest a regular event in order to enrich the math program. The purpose of organizing the contest is to provide more opportunity to students to study different types of mathematic questions in addition to the standard math studying program in NCLS. Most importantly, students could extend their knowledge and enhance their practical skills in solving easy and challenging math problems, training logical thinking and reasonable thinking, and learning to handle time efficiently and wisely.

Two sets of contest questions are designed for two groups, grade 4-5, and grade 6 – 12. Students will take test questions according to their grades in public school. Certainly, we allow students in 4th – 5th grade to take higher level contest questions. Students have to notice their teachers if they want to do so.

Contest will start at 3:40pm, and end at 5:00pm. Calculator and sketch paper are allowed in classrooms. Test results will be announced in two weeks after the test.

School administration continues to sponsor the contest. We still give Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to the winners. The rules of selecting winners will be announced soon.

4. Day School Library Property Abuse

We have noticed that some card players used the library book as door stopper to hold the library door. This is absolutely intolerable.  We need to respect and take care of the Day School property while we are using it.  Thanks to all parents who understand and give us support in this matter.

See you this Sunday!

Guangsong and Ling








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