NCLS Weekly Newsletter 12-Dec-2013

Dear parents,

Our online registration is open on 12/15 for spring semester.  Registration procedure   Please note that you will still need to register your classes yourself even if you take the same class next semester. Please stop by the library if you have any questions.

Parking Reminder

Please note that the parking lot at Day School is for teachers who has parking permit on Sundays. A lot of teachers need to carry heavy teaching supplies to the classroom so the parking space is critical for them, especially during the winter.  We post out our reminders many times but there are still some cars parking in the lot without a parking permit. This really caused inconvenience for our teachers.  Here is a list of plate numbers that we found parking without permit: 24EF28, 2333607, 197BTA, KQ-154, 351HCO, 513MX, 2965RL, 166TH5, NE83KK, 188TR3, 62WG58.

Another Reminder on the Chinese New Year Performance program submission deadline: Please submit your program by 12/14 if you haven’t done so:

There is a potential snowstorm this weekend.  If the school is closed this Sunday due to the weather, we will post the alert on school’s homepage by 11am on Sunday.

Stay safe and warm,

Guangsong and Ling


Title:  Money Talks: Retirement Concepts

A Discussion on Retirement and Estate Planning Needs in Today’s Economy

Speaker:    Huiming Guo, Ph.D., Partner, Commonwealth Financial Group, 101 Federal Street, Suite 800, Boston, MA 02110

For years Huiming Guo has volunteered on behalf of AARP, working with seniors and families in need of help with their tax preparation and financial management. He also has lots own life experiences for how to achieve financial success. As a partner with Commonwealth Financial Group, he specializes in strategic financial planning for professionals, executives and business owners. He is now looking forward to help more people, especially to impact the life of the members of Chinese American community in Great Boston to realize their American dreams.

Community News



时间:                    2013年12月31日,7:30pm

地点:                    ACAS Center

29 Montvale Ave, Woburn, MA 01801

票价:                    $5/个人,$10/家庭 (联系电话:617-877-2421)


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