NCLS Weekly Newsletter on 24-May-2013

Dear NCLS parents:

There won’t be school this Sunday. Hope all families enjoy a nice long weekend.

We have some notes for you this week –

Parking violation in front of the neighborhood houses

A resident came to us last Sunday, to show us a parking violation blocking the driveway, and to send the message through us that, the neighborhood residents have been nice for not calling the towing company so far, but if this violation continues, then towing would become the only solution to it. Please be considerate and responsible.

The fire alarm last Sunday

One of the fire alarms was pulled by a curious young student last Sunday. Once the fire alarm is on, the fire engine has to come, and the alarm has to be turned off by the fireman using special keys. The false fire alarm is a wasteful impact to the community. We need to take actions to avoid this from happening again.

1. Parents and teachers need to educate the students, at home and in the classroom, about what the fire alarm is for and what it looks like, most of all, DO NOT pull a fire alarm for fun or curiosity.

2. We plan to have a fire drill on June 9, 2013. It took the entire school four minutes to exit the building on Sunday; the Day School janitor complimented on our emergency evacuation practice this year. Our existing evacuation plan is online, and we will review it with the NCLS Board for making possible enhancement before June 9.

Registration for Fall 2013

The registration has started last Sunday. Many families have completed the registration and made online payment with debit/credit card/payPal. Please make the most use of the new online payment feature, and please note that the last day to complete the payment and waive the registration fee is June 23, 2013.

Thank you for your attention. See you on June 2.

Nan and Guangsong

NCLS Principals 2012-2013

 2013 文化中国.名家讲坛
2013 “Cultures of China-Lecture of Masters”

活动日期: 2013-06-03   时间: 6:45pm  

活动地点: 哈佛大学教育学院 Askwith Hall, (13 Appian Way, Cambridge, MA
 02138 )

主办单位:波士顿亚洲文化中心,  咨询电话:617-225-2888


Commonwealth Lyric Theater celebrates the 140th Anniversary of S. Rachmaninoff by presenting his rarely performed opera ALEKO (The GYPSIES). 

This is a fully staged, costumed production with orchestra, featuring such international opera stars as Mikhail Svetlov (Bolshoi Theater and LaScala Soloist) as Aleko, Pawel Izdebski (Wagnerian bass who has sung lead roles in the best European Opera Houses with Zubin Mehta conducting) as The Old Gypsy, Janna Baty (Boston Lyric Opera Soloist) as Zemfira, and many wonderful local professional singers. The performances are on June 9th at 3PM and 7PM, June 11th at 8PM and June 13th at 8PM at Center Makor, 1845 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton, MA, 02135. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit; to order tickets by phone, call (617) 771-8881; for more information, feel free to call CLT’s Executive Director, Olga Lisovskaya, at (857) 284-9982.

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