NCLS Weekly Newsletter on 22-Feb-2013

Dear NCLS parents:

Your support and participation to the NCLS Chinese New Year celebration have made the event a huge success last Saturday, thank you!

Thanks to the over 300 performers and the event administration staff, it was a great team work, and it has demonstrated the talents and hard work provided by the NCLS families.

Special thanks go to the Event Committee for planning the show so well; Yongqi and Rui have been working very hard in the past few weeks managing all the programs; Yongqi has conducted the rehearsal and the entire performance smoothly.  Congratulations to PCC, led by Yuan and Li, PCC executed the plan so well. The school can always count on PCC for such a big event.

This year’s stage design is very unique.  Special thanks to Faith and the decoration team. The stage lighting and audio control were executed very well too this year. Yibing, Yao, Liu Zheng and Jianhua, the job was well done!

We also want to thank the NCLS Board and all school admins for their tireless contribution. Thanks to the school journal editor, Tang Wei, for the tons of work in editing videos and creating program brochure.

Please enjoy the videos of this event taken by experienced video photographer Luo Hongbin, and the photos taken by Tang Wei. Thanks to Hongbin and Wei! 

This week we have the following notes for you-

Announcement from the Support China Education group

The NCLS support China education project fundraising event – Dance Party  When: Saturday, March 2, 2012 7:00pm – 11:00pm Where: Gasson Hall, Boston College, Chestnut Hill Campus, 140 Commonwealth Ave, Newton, MA 02467.  We welcome all NCLS parents, teachers and friends to join this meaningful event. Tickets are available on Sunday, 2/24 at school library. The program flyer is online here!

Possible inclement weather this weekend

According to the forecast, another weekend snow storm may be on the way. When the school has to remain closed due to the inclement weather, NCLS admin will post the school cancellation alert on our website at

Please check the website before coming to school on snow days.

Thank you for your attention. We look forward to resuming the school on Sunday if the weather permits. 

Nan and Guangsong



2013滋根新年慈善演唱會(2013/03/03, Harvard Sanders Theater) Ticket will be available at the library of Newton Chinese School on Sunday 2/24/2013 Contact: Yuan Tian (田元) @ 617 959 2583 ******************************************************************************亲爱的朋友们,春节好!


 Zigen Fund’s Harvard Charity Concert Features World-Class Opera Singers and Chorus 2013滋根新年慈善演唱會

扶贫助学 廿載滋根

請一起來哈佛大學桑德斯劇院欣賞世界級歌唱家的演唱!杨光是國際歌唱大賽的得主,更在國際多個大型歌劇中擔任過重要角色.主流傳媒讚她:"只要她在舞台上放歌,整台節目就會高上好幾個檔次."今年,在波士頓表演完後,她將赴世界歌劇大聖殿“紐約大都會歌劇院” 任職。 此外,還有多位歌唱家們倾情演繹中外名曲。更有剛剛拿到國際大獎的北美合唱團的精彩演出! 演唱會全部收入,都捐給長年奮斗在中國扶貧第一線的滋根基金.藝術家: 楊光 * 段小毅 * 李玉新 * 魏晶 * 王丽文 北美合唱協會愛樂合唱團 The 1997 winner of the prestigious BBC Singer of the World Competition in Cardiff and a world-class opera singer, Ms.Guang Yang returns to Boston with a new selection of beautiful songs and her ever-lasting love to charity. Ms. Yang has recently held personal concerts in China and performed on world-wide stages. Her talents are highly acclaimed. “Whenever she was onstage, the whole production moved several notches upward.” (Sarah Bryan Miller, St Louis Post Dispatch, March 7, 04)Other artists include Mr. Xiaoyi Duan, a local favorite and a superiorly gifted and trained singer whose brilliant voice wins audiences’ hears. Another tenor is Mr. Maxwell Li, whose powerful voice gained him a place in the winners’ circle of the Luciano Payvarotti International Vocal Competition in Philadelphia.Ms. Jing Wei, the winner of Met Opera House Vocal Music Contest Prize; Ms. Liwen Wang, a Boston soprano vocalist; and North America Chorus, the recent winner of an international chorus competition, will also join us in this talent splashed, charity concert.please visit <A href=”; data-mce-href=””></A&gt; for more info about Zigen.主办方简介滋根基金是一個有著二十多年曆史的美國民間慈善組織,一直活躍在支持中國最貧困最弱勢民眾的第一線。我們的願景是一個平等的、以人為本的、堅持可持續發展的社會。我們的使命是發起和促成滿足基本需求的項目,尤其重視中國最貧困地區的人們及在城市艱難謀生的農民工,婦女和儿童是我們支援的重點。滋根的支援內容包括基礎教育、醫療衛生,保護環境的技術,和鄉土文化傳承。就像生生不息,春風吹又生的青草一樣,我們強調草根參與、本地資源、環境友好,以達到以人為中心的可持續發展。&nbsp; 滋根基金廿載的堅持在2012年取得了豐碩的成果。其針對中國“撤點併校”問題發起的提案推動了國家相關部門的重視與政策改進。滋根創始人楊貴平女士因此成功當選《中國新聞周刊》2012年”影響中國年度人物”之”公共利益守望者”。 Zigen Funds is a U.S. based charity with over 20 years history.Zigen’s projects aim to support people in the poorest rural areas of China and poverty-stricken migrant workers with an emphasis on equal access to education and development, especially for children and women.&nbsp; Our ongoing projects include basic education, primary health care, environmentally sound technologies and preservation of local cultures. In 2012, because of a series of important articles and proposals initiated by Zigen, China’s Department of Education reexamined its centralized policy on “Rural Schools Closing and Combining”. Zigen founder, Ms. Pat Yang, was thus awarded&nbsp;

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