NCLS Newsletter on 15-Feb-2013

Dear NCLS parents:

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hope all families have done well in the snow storm last week. Welcome back to school!

The Chinese New Year celebration on February 16, 2013

The NCLS traditional Chinese New Year celebration performance is taking place tomorrow at 7pm in Regis College, Weston.  The performance program can be found online:


The performance is conducted at the Eleanor Welch Casey Theater in Regis College, please refer to the direction and campus map:

NCLS web page for weather and cancellation information

We thought it’s helpful to send out a reminder on how to check the school status in case of the inclement weather. When the school has to remain closed due to the inclement weather, NCLS admin will post the school cancellation alert on our website at

Please check the website before coming to school on snow days.

Traffic and Drop-off 

Once again, we ask you not enter 21 Minot Place if you don’t have a NCLS parking permit. The school has received notice from the police on duty two weeks ago that, it is not allowed to drop off kids near the intersection of Walnut Street and Minot Place.  And, for the safety of the parents and students including your own, please yield to pedestrians.

February school journal online

The school journal has been published. Enjoy!

Seminar on Sunday

税务讲座  (Tax Return Seminar) 3:30PM-5:00PM, February 17th. 2013, Room 319


Thank you for your attention. See you on Sunday.

Nan and Guangsong

NCLS Principals 2012-2013


时间: 2013, 2月16日. 周六, 下午12:00 –4:00PM
地点: 剑桥中文学校 (Cambridge Chinese School)
411 Waverley Oaks Road, Building #2, suite 214
Waltham, MA 02452

内容: 午餐分享, 美食评比, 文艺表演, 自娛自乐。

备注: 本次活动由北京同乡会主办特邀天津朋友共聚一堂.
请您带上足够自家份量的午餐. 12:00正式开餐.
入场费: bring food $5/each; without food $10/each. 6 岁以下儿童半价.
联系人: 北京同乡会 赵进: Tel : 781-698-9061 天津老乡: 刘希纯: Tel: 781-861-3529

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