NCLS Weekly Newsletter 12-Oct-2012

Dear Parents:

Welcome back after a long weekend! Our school resumes on this Sunday Oct. 14. We have a few notes for you here-

Students’ safe dismissal

We need to remind all parents being responsible for students’ safety during school dismissal. A young student was left in school after 5:30pm on last school day; School Admin kept her in the library and called her parents for picking up; apparently the parents wanted her to car-pool with friend’s family to go home, but later on she got lost from friends and being left alone. Case like this could result in serious safety issues to children. We hope all parents learn from this and stay on top of our students’ safety concern.

Thanksgiving party on 11/10/2012

PCC and 喜洋洋乐团 are hosting the annual Thanksgiving party followed with ballroom dance party, on Saturday, November 10th, 2012, at 7pm, in ACAS Center, 29 Montvale Ave, Woburn. Tickets are $10 per adult, or $20 per family.

It has been a triditional fun-filled party every year, please join the party and enjoy!

Support Education Talent Show

This year’s Talent Show is under planning and the registration will be announced soon. Please stay tuned

Seminars in school

Topic: 不同年龄阶段的口腔卫生保健及常见问题的处理
Speaker: Dr. Fan, Xing
Time: 3:40pm-5:00pm
Room: 319

Topic: NECINA YES Program, designed to help high school and undergraduate students polish their leadership and entrepreneurship at no cost to participants
Speakers: Mingsheng Hong and Ethan Bagley
Time: 3:50pm-4:30pm
Room: 209

Thanks for your attention. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Nan and Guangsong

Principals 2012-2013


波士顿一年一度最美的赏枫叶季已悄然而至. 继去年春日畅游Waldon Pond、秋季漫步White Mountain以及今春Blue Hills 的相聚, 我们波士顿浙大校友会再次竭诚邀请您和您的家人,情人,朋友和我们一起到麻州著名的Minute Man National Historical Park郊游, 欣赏浓浓秋景, 共享美好时光. 此次秋游旨在欢迎新校友来城, 感谢老校友长期支持和关怀, 增进在波士顿地区工作或学习的浙大新老校友间的沟通, 交流和情感联谊。

时间: Oct. 20, 2012 (Sat.), 1:00pm (遇雨顺延至21日)

North Bridge Visitors Center门口, Concord, MA
(Driving address near: 174 Liberty Stree, Concord, MA 01742)
安排有carpool, 请注意进入下方链接注册填写.

活动内容: 5-6 miles of easy walking; Frisbee; games after the walking
活动费用: Free. 请carpool的校友自行结算gas及toll. 由于是午后活动,未准备餐饮,请自行携带水及零食.

需要搭车的校友请在注册表注明, 我们会尽量安排在Alewife地铁站和Concord火车站接送,以方便开车的校友们。但如若有校友自行联系好了pickup,也请在注册表中详细填写.


如果您有任何疑问, 请发email至: <A href=”” data-mce-href=””></A>; 或电话至978-399-8791(俞薇)/617-838-3657(于欣慰). 期待能在秋意飒爽的波城见到你!

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