NCLS Weely Newsletter 5/31/2012

 Dear Parents:

Hope all families have had a nice long weekend. NCLS resumes on this Sunday. Welcome back!

The registration for the Fall semester has been going on. Most of the families have finished their registration. Please make the tuition payment accordingly.

The final exam for 《中文》classes will be conducted on 6/10. Teachers will review with their students this Sunday; Please print the related review paper for your child(ren) and let them bring it to their language classes on Sunday-年春季一年级期末考试复习题.pdf年春季二年级期末考试复习题.pdf年春季三年级期末考试复习题.pdf年春季四年级期末考试复习题.pdf年春季五年级期末考试复习题.pdf年春季六年级期末考试复习题.pdf年春季七年级期末考试复习题.pdf年春季八年级期末考试复习题.pdf年春季九年级期末考试复习题.pdf牛顿中文学校十年级期末论文.pdf

Here are a few more notes for parents:

Open Parenting Class on Sunday, June 3 (3:45 – 5:00 pm):

“Children Mental Health and School Social/Family Services”
家庭教育公开课讲座 (6月3日) :

讲座教室: 三楼 3xx 教室

Invited Speakers:

Kay Khan: The city of Newton’s longest-serving state representative, who is the Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities.  She has been a leading voice for affordable and compassionate health care, mental health, public education, global education and human services, among other causes.  She lives in West Newton, so F. Day Middle School is in her constituency.

Maria Meyer: a veteran social and mental health professional and an adjunct professor of Boston U. School of Social Work.  For the past decade, she was Director of Outreach Services and Coordinator of Boston University/Chelsea Public Schools Social Work Program.  She is licensed clinical social worker and school adjustment counselor.

All interested parents are warmly welcome to this open parenting class.  Both speakers will make a 20 minutes presentation, which will then be followed by questions and answers.

Support education program report

This year’s support education program report will be hold on Sunday June 10th at 3:45 pm in classroom 319. As same as last 5 years, the students and teachers who went to China this year have many good stories to tell. Look forward to seeing you there.
The NCLS Support Education Plan Working Group

Thank you. See you on Sunday!


NCLS Admin.

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