NCLS Weekly Newsletter 01/18/2012


     Chinese New Year is almost here, we will have an early release this Sunday for families to celebrate Chinese New Year’s Eve. The first class period remains unchanged to end at 3:30pm, the second class period will finish at 4:30pm. Please pick up your child/ren on time at 4:30pm this Sunday.

      《中文》classes will have final exam on 1/29/2012. Please print the review materials for your child/ren via the related links below, and please remind the child/ren to bring the printouts to school on Sunday, since the teachers will conduct reviews for the final exam this week.年秋季一年级期末考试复习题.pdf年秋季二年级期末考试复习题.pdf年秋季三年级期末考试复习题.pdf年秋季四年级期末考试复习题.pdf年秋季五年级期末考试复习题.pdf年秋季六年级期末考试复习题.pdf年秋季七年级期末考试复习题.pdf年秋季八年级期末考试复习题.pdf年秋季九年级期末考试复习题.pdf年秋季十年级期末考试复习题.pdf


  Students in all of the languages classes will receive 红包 during the first class period.




时间:2012年2月4日 周六 晚6:30时
地点:John Hancock Hall, Boston (180 Berkeley St., Boston, MA, 02116)



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