Tuition and book fees for 2011-2012 School Year

Considering the current economical condition, the board has decided to keep the tuition of the 2011-2012 school year the same level as last school year.

Cost per semester: first class only: $150; second class only: $130; both classes: $250. This price applies to both children and adult classes.
Cost for senior classes per semester: $50.
The cost for textbooks is NOT included in the tuition.

Different from the previous years, book fee will no longer to be optional and needed to be paid at the same time with tuition.

Following are the prices for textbooks for different class:

Standard Chinese: $10 (including text book and homework books)
Maliping Chinese: $60
Kindergarten: $30
Math Grade 4-6: $24

We recommend that you to pay the tuition before the first day of school to guarantee the textbook for your children. For people decide to pay on site, your child will not get his/her book in the classroom. Instead, you will be issued a receipt upon making the payment and using that, you can get the textbook at cafeteria.

NCLS does allow you to return the textbook and following are the procedures:

1. Before the first day of school, one can change/cancel class with full refund (including both tuition and book fee).
2. At and after first day of school, we will only refund the tuition. No book fee is refunded in the registration system. To return the book, you need to bring the book to school administration. If the book is deemed to be in a good condition for resale (no damage, including not written, no wrinkle, smear…), you will receive refund on the book.
3. No book return will be allowed two weeks after the school is open, even the book is purchased at second week of the school


Q: What if I already have the book from my child’s sibling and don’t need to buy extra book?
A: Make the full payment. Return the book immediately after receiving it.

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