NCLS Weekly Newsletter 2-June-2016

Dear Parents:

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-2016 Spring Chinese (暨南教材) Final Review Materials

The 2016 Spring final will be on 6/12. Please print the review materials at home and let your kid bring to class this Sunday. The school won’t print the review materials.

– Registration Procedure for 2016 Fall Semester

* NCLS Registration Procedure, Tuition, Registration and Book Fees

Registration for Fall 2016 semester is still on and moved into the 2nd period,  “Change Class” Period,  00:01 AM 5/26/2016 ― 11:59 PM of 6/5/2016. During this period, all current in-school students can change any class that’s available. After this Sunday, the registration will be moved into the 3rd period, “Open Registration” Period: 00:01 AM 6/6/2016 – 11:59 PM of 9/25/2016, the registration opens to all students  including new students and new K-graders.

4. For the current K-grade students, the registration for the 1st grade Chinese (Ji Nan and Ma Li Ping) will start from the “Change Class” Period: 00:01 AM 5/26/2016 ― 11:59 PM of 6/5/2016.

* Tuition and registration fee for the 2016-2017 School Year

Tuition per semester (16 weeks):

For the 1st class, 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm, the tuition won’t be changed in  fall 2016;

For all the rest of classes, the tuition will be increased by $10; $165 will be increased to $175; $145 will be increased to $155;

For the tuition discount, If the total tuition per student equal or exceeds $330, you will receive $35 discount. This price applies to both children and adult classes.

Tuition for the senior classes per semester: $50.

The cost for textbooks is NOT included in the tuition.

Registration fee is $10 per family account, but it is waived if all account balance is paid on or before June 11, 2016.

Tuition for the senior classes per semester: $50.

The cost for textbooks is NOT included in the tuition.

The registration for Fall 2016 will be closed on Sept 25, 2016.

* New Classes

The new classes registration will be started from the 3rd period, “Open Registration” Period.

* Online Tuition Payment

You may pay the tuition online with credit/debit card and/or payPal! Please read the online payment step-by-step instruction, it is very helpful.

Please follow the system after you finish the class selection and ready to pay. Please note: the deadline for waiving the $10 registration fee is June 11, 2016

Please refer to the online payment FAQ page for common questions:

*Book Distribution

This year, the books will be distributed to all paid students on Sunday, 6/12 if the tuition is paid in full by 00:01 AM 6/11. We encourage all families register as early as possible and pay your tuition on time, and we can order enough  textbooks. Otherwise, you will need to come to the library to pick up on the first school day, 9/11/2016.

If you pay your tuition by 00:01 AM, 6/11, the $10 registration fee will be waived.

-New Classes Open House

In order to create an opportunity for all parents and students to learn more information about the current opened classes and new classes that will be opened in Fall 2016, the school organize the classes open house this Sunday at library, you are very welcome to stop by and ask any questions you are interested.

Time and Date: 2pm-5pm on June 5th
Location: Library on the 2nd floor

Sessions: 2pm-3:30pm:

Math classes group (3rd-11th Grade)
Painting classes group (k-10th grade)
Chinese classes for Adults
Chinese Martial Arts


Chinese classes for Kindergarteners
Ma Liping Chinese classes
Zhongwen Chinese classes
Chinese classes for Adults
Biology & SAT class

Phone: 781-296-2486; 781-690-1825
Newly Opened Classes for Fall 2016 So Far

Session of 12:30pm-1:50pm:

学前班 一班 Language, K Grade – 1
二年级 马立平教材 Language, 2nd Grade – Ma-1
四年级 马立平教材 Language, 4th Grade – Ma-1
绘画十二(丙烯酸/油画,10岁或以上)Acrylic /oil painting class 10+
奥数 Math Olympiads E (for 4-6th grade students)
Adult Beginner Chinese A
新加坡数学四年级甲-1,Singapore math 4th class A-1
新加坡数学五年级甲-1,Singapore math 5th class A-1
新加坡数学六年级甲-1,Singapore math 6th class A-1
新加坡数学七年级甲-1,Singapore math 7th class A-1
新加坡数学八年级甲-1,Singapore math 8th class A-1
新加坡数学九年级甲-1,Singapore math 9th class A-1
(Coming up! 即将开班!)新加坡数学三年级甲-1,Singapore math 3th class A-1

Session of 3:40pm-5pm

学前班 甲班-2 (4.5-5岁)Language, K Grade -A2(4.5-5)
学前班 乙班-2 (5岁+)Language, K Grade – B2 (5+)
Happy Chinese Class (III)
Adult Beginner Chinese A2
生物医学基础 Biology and Biomedical Sciences
奥数与Mathcounts Math Olympiads M and MATHCOUNTS (for 6-8th grade students)


Date: June 5, 2016; Time: 3:45pm to 5:00pm;  Place: Room #227

Speaker: Kevin Lai, Wharton BS in Finance 2016

Organizer: Wenhua Zhang, Wharton MBA in Finance 2001

We will be welcoming Kevin Lai, a graduate of the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania and former NCLS student, to share his own experiences applying to and attending an undergraduate business school. Kevin will discuss his own college application process, job recruiting experience, and provide an overview of common career paths students pursue following a business undergrad.

Format: A brief introductory background followed by Q&A. As the intention is to address your specific questions, the discussion will be largely driven by questions from the audience.

Bio of speaker: Kevin Lai

Kevin Lai graduated magna cum laude with a BSc in Finance and Accounting from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. This summer, he will join Evercore Partners as an investment banking analyst in the M&A group based out of New York. Kevin’s previous work experiences include internships in investment banking, private equity, venture capital, asset management, and college consulting for high school students.

Bio of Organizer: Wenhua Zhang

Wenhua Zhang has a Master of Business Administration in Finance from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania and volunteers as an alumni interviewer.  He has broad experience from university endowment, mutual fund and hedge fund, including Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager of Harvard Management Company, Director of Brookside Capital (hedge fund of Bain Capital), and Vice President and Investment Analyst at T Rowe Price Associates. He serves on the Investment Advisory Committee for the City of Newton, Massachusetts and the Parents Committee of Phillips Exeter Academy.

“FeiDu” Youth Soccer Academy (2016 Summer)

CSTAR在2016 SUMMER提供足球技术课程。这些课程是专为热爱足球的孩子设计。他们将按照适当年龄分组,由专业教练执教。这为您的孩子一个经济方便的方式来获得额外的技术培训。

CSTAR offers the option of ball mastery training in the summer of 2016.  These sessions are designed for children who want to learn more foot skills.  Programs will be age appropriate and taught by professional coaches.  This is a great way for your child to get extra skill training (local and cost-effective). These sessions will be generally once a week with the following details:

The academy will take 7-10 year old youth regardless of gender.  Maximum 15 players.
7-10-2016, 7-24-2016, 7-31-2016, 8-7-2016, 8-14-2016, 8-21-2016, 8-28-2016
Time: All Sunday mornings, starting 8:30AM
Location: at an outdoor field in Newton. Specific location TBD
a total of $80 USD/ player for all sessions. Academy can’t be split or shared amongst players.

2016 夏季足球课程由“飞渡教育”冠名支持

Li and Ming


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