NCLS Weekly Newsletter 29-Jan-2015

Dear Parents:

– 1st week of 2015 spring semester

The 1st week of 2015 spring semester has passed smoothly, and the registration is still open to new family. For the family who have not paid, please do it as early as possible to avoid late fee. If you have any question about the class, registration and change classes, please contact principals or stop by library during school time.

– Parking problem

As our school’s Chinese New Year Gala is approaching, many performers came to school early to do practice.  Some of them parked the cars inside the Day School which resulted in quite a few teachers could not find parking spots.  Please be aware that only cars with parking permit are allowed to park inside Day School parking lots.

For parents who registered your kids for two early classes, Yo Yo and Chyten Author class, after you drop off your kids, please park your cars outside Day School if you don’t have parking permits.

Here is the link that you can find the outside campus parking lots:

– Speech Competition

Our annual Speech Competition is around the corner.  Please read the following competition description carefully as the competition format has been revised from previous years.

今年的比赛分为演讲比赛朗诵比赛两部分。根据美东中文学会(ACS)和新英格兰中文学会(NEACS)的规定,参加演讲比赛的稿件必须是根据学会规定的题目自己所写。今年的主题为《学中文》朗诵比赛可选用他人的作品。所有比赛的时间在2:30 到3:00 之间。任何低于或超过这个时间都将被扣除一定的分数。校内比赛报名截止日为3月8日。比赛日期目前定于3月22,29日两日。如果报名人数较多4月5日宜 可作为比赛日。学校将选出7名具有丰富教学经验的中文课老师组成比赛裁判组。有关比赛的具体事宜学校会在报名截止后通知参赛学生的家长

Please note that in the future, all ACS speech competition only have 演讲比赛, no 朗诵比赛.  However, NEACS will still have both.

Same as previous years, the competition will be separated into age groups:

低年級組(六至八歲)    中年級組(九至十一歲)   高年級組(十二至十六歲) 

If you are interested to sign your child to the competition, please go to this link to download the registration form.  Please note there are two forms:  演讲比赛朗诵比赛.  You can register for both or just choose one. You can also get the forms in the school library. After you fill out the form, please submit to your child’s Chinese teacher.  Same as last year, all candidates for school competition will be selected by the class teachers.  

– Out school Chinese New Year Gala

NCLS is going to host 2015 Chinese New Year Gala this coming Saturday, 1/31/2015 at Regis College (235 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA 02493) from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. During this biggest event, the performers from NCLS students, teachers, as well as some invited professional artists will present singing, dancing, and other programs. You can buy the tickets at the door.

Community News

– Seminar

we won’t have seminar this coming Sunday at School.

online seminar



Join college consultant Elizabeth Dankoski on January 31 at 12 noon EST to find out how students can distinguish themselves from every other applicant. If you cannot attend the live webinar but are interested in the information, please go ahead and register, and Elizabeth will send you a recording shortly after it airs. Click for more information.

 – 波士顿浮云相声社MIT Kresge Theater公演

听浮云相声,赢回国机票。春节期间,波士顿浮云相声社于2月7日晚六点在 MIT Kresge Theater的千人剧场公演,票价$10。详情:



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