NCLS Weekly Newsletter 20-Nov-2014

Dear Parents:

-Thanksgiving Party

The annual school Thanksgiving party will be on Sat. 11/22/2014, from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm at Woburn ACAS Center, 29 Montvale Ave. Woburn, MA 01801. Here is the program list:

To those families who are going to attend the party, there are a few things that we would like to address:

1. parking: There are plenty of parking space across the street of ACAS, but be aware of that there are some spots that are for private parking, please pay more attention to the sign.

2. The performance is on the 1st floor. At the same time, PCC will arrange many kind of kids games at the basement. Water and snacks will be provided there.

3. Safety: The ACAS center will be crowded this Sat, especially at the basement. PCC will have full authority to maintain the order, please remind your child to follow instructions whenever it is required.   Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable evening.

– Parking Issue

This is a repeated topic, but the illegal parking issue has raised concerns from the Newton City. Recently we have received a message from the Newton School Operation Management. Here is part of the message:

”As I have mentioned in the past, there is a significant parking issue in the neighborhood around F A Day during Sundays when your school is in session.  People are parking illegally, blocking driveways, parking on grass areas and parking where there are no designated spaces.  There is no respect given the neighbors who live around Day.  This needs to stop.  I understand this behavior isn’t representative of everyone, but there is a significant number of folks guilty of this behavior”.

The school has been taking this parking issue seriously and we need to remind all families the following important parking notes:

1). On Albemarle Rd, please do not park along the brook side, it’s no parking area.  Please try to leave enough space for the drive way if you park along the residential house. The State regulation requires that cars cannot be parked within 5ft to the drive way opening.  We did spot some cars parked too close to the residential drive way.

2). On some small streets off Walnut Street, please do not park too close to the intersection.  The State regulation requires that cars cannot be parked within 15ft to the street intersection.  However, we spotted some cars parked too close to the intersection which will block the view of the traffic.  We took a picture of the Linwood Av. off Walnut St. last Sunday.  Please see the picture here:

This is one of the big problems that caused the residents safety concerns.

3) There are plenty parking on California St and Linwood Av. off Crafts Street.  We have checked that street parking is allowed there.  They are good parking alternatives besides Albemarle Rd. and Newton Education Dept. parking lot on Crafts St.

Here is our parking direction on the website:

– Day School Facility

Based on the agreement between Day school and NCLS, we can not take or use the Day school properties unless we get approval from Day school. Recently, we received couple of complaints form Day school regarding students remove things on the teachers desk.   In order to avoid such things happen again, please review the following with your child:

1. Classroom: Please do not take anything  that belongs to Day classroom.  Do not touch things on the teachers desk.  All chairs, desks and other things have to be put back to the original position after the class.

2.Library: Unplug or plug in school’s network is not allowed.  Please do not  remove books from the library shelf.


Ling and Li

Community News

We will have seminar this coming Sunday, here is the detailed information:

Title:  Introduce Longevitology (长生学)

Speaker: Jin Fang     Time:  3:45-5pm     Location:  Classroom 227

長生學是藉著人體導引宇宙能量來幫助自身及他人治病的一種方法。這些乃是心靈與愛心結合宇宙能量所產生的效果。 人一生下來,就是宇宙的一部份,這是一種密切而無法分割的事實;從呼吸、吃飯、睡覺,週而復始的生活著。誰都不能避免生、老、病、死的歷程,在這生命的過程中,苦樂皆有。

  About speaker: 我本人练习长生学有四年多的时间。我觉得这是一个非常简单易学而又行之有效的健身方法,尤其适用于花粉过敏,慢性鼻炎,感冒发烧等常见病。练长生学这些年,我受益匪浅。我希望能够通过我们的演示,介绍和现场调整,让更多的人了解长生学,让更多的人受益。

For more info, please contact:

Name: Jin Fang    Phone: 781-652-1282  email:

Or visit website:


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