NCLS Weekly Newsletter 13-Nov-2014

Dear Parents:

-Thanksgiving Party

Just a kind reminder, the annual school Thanksgiving party will be on Sat. 11/22/2014, from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm at Woburn ACAS. The party include performance, ballroom dance, Karaoke, kids activities and more. Fruit and snacks will be provided. The tickets will be sold at Library PCC desk during the coming Sundays.

Admission fee: Adult: $10, Family: $20

Location: ACAS Center, 29 Montvale Ave. Woburn, MA 01801. There are plenty of parking space across the street of ACAS, but be aware of that there are some spots that are for private parking.

– Lost and Found

Recently, we noticed that quite a few students forgot their books or clothes after the class.  Please remind your kids to check their belongings after class. It’s very important to help kids develop a good habit. At the same time, we will send notice to TAs to double check if there are any books or clothes left there after class.

Day school has lost and found box at the 1st floor cafeteria by the elevator. NCLS lost and found is in the library.

-Class discipline

In regarding to class discipline, we believe all parents agree that good class discipline is important to maintain healthy teaching and learning environment. According to NCLS school policy, it’s the requirement for all students to follow the school and class rules. Here are some rules that you can remind your child:

1.  Respect your teachers and TAs; 2. Raise hand and get the teacher’s permission to speak in the class;  3. Follow the teacher/TA instruction when taking a break, no running or making loud noise in the hallway during the break time; 4. any inappropriate behavior that distract other students or interrupt teacher’s teaching is not permitted in the class; 5. No food in the classroom.

As always, we thank you for your support and cooperation. If  you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to stop by principals desk in the library.

Thanks and see you on Sunday.

Ling and Li

Community News


Date: 11/16/2014  Time: 3:45pm to 5:00pm  Place: Room #227 Speaker: Christian B. Eliot
Topic: Why Consider a Private Elementary Education for Your Child?
While it may be well known that private schools have a challenging curriculum, small class sizes and an emphasis on a well-rounded education, there continue to be many myths surrounding this educational model.  Some of these include: “you can’t get in if  you don’t know someone there”, “private schools are elitist”,  “diversity and inclusiveness don’t matter at private schools”, and private schools are only for the rich”. Mr. Elliot will speak about dispelling those myths and expand on the educational and financial aid opportunities provided by local private schools.
About the speaker: Mr. Elliot graduated from Princeton University.  He previously worked at The Landon School, a college-preparatory school for boys, in Bethesda, MD.  There he first served as the Director of Admission, and later as the Head of the Middle School.  Mr.  Elliot is currently in his 20th year as the Head of School at Tenacre in Wellesley.
For more info, please contact:
Name: Ms. Sam Reece
781-235-2282, x203
Or visit website:



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