NCLS Weekly Newsletter 2-Oct-2014

Dear Parents:

As we heading into the second month of the new school year, we want to thank you for your cooperation and support during the past month. We need every family’s input to make this community better and stronger. Here are a few important notes for you:

1. Fire Drill this coming Sunday 10/5:

We have sent you an email earlier this week regarding the unexpected fire evacuation we had this past Sunday and several safety issues we noticed during the evacuation process.  We specifically pointed out that our evacuation time was significantly longer than required  due to several classrooms (including cafeteria)  not leaving the building quickly.  This coming Sunday 10/5, we will have our scheduled fire drill.  We need to make sure that all safety requirements are met during this practice.  Therefore, please remember to:

* Read the Emergency Procedure carefully.  We corrected couple of typos regarding the exit numbers the classrooms are using.  Therefore, please read it again, even you had read it before.

* Please evacuate immediately after the alarm sound.  We will have PCC and admin staff to help direct the exits.  Please follow their instruction.  The Emergency Procedure link shows the gathering places for different exits.  Please stay there and wait for returning instruction.

Please take all safety issues seriously as maintaining a safe and healthy school is NCLS’ top priority. We thank you for your cooperation and support.

2. Parking issue:  This past Sunday Newton Police has issued 35 parking tickets to our parents’ cars due to illegal parking at Albemarle Rd.  All these cars either parked in the non-parking space or blocking the residential drive way.  The Newton Operation Manager has informed us that in the next few Sundays police will continue to watch the streets and roads surrounding NCLS.  The illegal parking has raised a lot of attention from the Newton City official.

We have a lot of new families joining our school this year.  If possible, please find car pool to reduce the parking needs.  We want to remind you that STATE regulation states that:

1) It is illegal to block someone’s driveway.

2) It is illegal to park within 5 ft of a driveway opening, on either side  (yes … this renders some streets with next to no parking)

3) It is illegal to park within 15 ft of a street corner.

Also, SPECIFIC TO NEWTON, please note that there are some areas that are  posted NO PARKING (along the Crafts/Linden/Walnut St  triangle and the brook side of Albemarle Rd).

The City of Newton is proud to have been the host to the Newton Chinese School  for so many years and welcome the families that come to the City.  In return, we should respect and follow all rules that the city have.

3. The campus parking (inside Minot Place) is strictly for school teachers and admin staff.  All cars entering the campus requires parking permit. Recently we found quite a few cars that parked inside has no parking tag.  Here is the list of vehicles that parked inside last Sunday without parking tag:

9927RO,  8525TI,  2306JE,  767VP9,  518KK4,  236MDO,  9572DM,  US23HC,  529YE6

4.  There is absolutely no business solicitation allowed inside our school.  Last Sunday one parent reported that a salesperson entered a classroom to sell product and gather personal information from our students.  Please note that this kind of activity is not allowed in our school. Please report to our admin staff in the library immediately if you notice any business solicitation activity in our building.

Thanks and see you this Sunday

Ling and Li

Community News

1. Seminar:  Date: 10/5/2014 Sunday       Time: 3:45pm to 5:00pm

Place: Room #227    Speaker: Neil Chyten

Topic: Improving Your Child’s Reading and Writing in the Era of the “Common Core”

Every child needs to learn how to read and write efficiently and effectively. With the onset of technology to correct our grammar, choose our words, conduct our research, write our sentences, and read our books, today’s students face a diminution of even the most basic communication skills. At New Generation, reading and writing skills are our focus. With improved reading and writing skills come increased confidence, improved grades, and higher test scores.

About the speaker:

Neil Chyten is a renowned and highly respected educational strategist. He is iconic among test preparation professionals, having begun his career in 1984 and having built his own successful learning centers as well as a national tutoring franchise.  Neil is always at the forefront of advanced strategic application to tests such as the SAT, ACT, ISEE/SSAT and others.  One of America’s leading experts in test preparation strategy, Neil has himself written several books on the subject, and co-authored several others.  As a tutor, teacher and strategist, Neil is unequaled. His successful teaching career early in life became the foundation of the education centers he has built from coast to coast. 



  • Chyten Educational Services 1984
  • Chyten Test Preparation, Inc. 1999
  • Chyten Franchising, Inc. 2006
  • Chyten Publishing, Inc. 2006


  • Mastering the SAT  
  • Mastering the ACT 
  • Mastering the ISEE/SSAT
  • The College Counseling Collection
  • The Unauthorized Companion Manual to the SAT’s Official SAT Study Guide
  • RANDD Reading and Study Skills Program

For more info, please contact:

Matt Bowling  Director of Curriculum & Programs    The Chyten Center

858 Walnut Street, Newton MA    (w) 617-559-9931

October 6 Monday night information seminar:

Improve Your Child’s Reading and Writing Skills: Grades 3-8

Join us for an information night on October 6 from 7:30-8:30pm at the Chyten Center, located at 858 Walnut Street, Newton.

Speaker: Leader in Education and Founder: Neil Chyten 
For attending, you will receive a coupon for a 2 week FREE Trial between October 14-26!

Please RSVP as space is limited.

2. 1st Asian Cultural Festival (sponsored with Newton Community Pride, FREE to the public)  

Newton Chinese School will have couple of tables there to represent our school and have various cultural activities

Date: Saturday October 11, 2014 (Columbus Day weekend)
Time: Noon – 5 PM

Place: Newton City Hall (1000 Commonwealth Ave, Newton, MA)
Parking: On and off street, FREE

Event Program (tentative):
Noon – 2pm/2:30pm:
1) Food vendors providing Asian cuisine for purchase;

2) Vietnamese sugar cane juice freshly pressed onsite;
3) Children’s Village activities (Vietnamese triclye, Vietnamese martial arts demo, chopstick challenges, arts and crafts, and other activities and games of Asian culture), workshops and demonstrations for adults and youth (e.g., Japanese flower arrangement, Origami,  herbal medicines and other Chinese healing, calligraphy, tai-chi?, some sort of cooking techniques such as Vietnamese summer roll making, food carving, and more…)
3) Vendors providing arts, crafts, and wares for sale
2:30pm – 4:30 or 5:
1) Vendors are still around
2) Cultural performances —
1) Chinese (Chinese yo yo by GBCCA, Bright Pearl Traditional Chinese Dance, dragon dance );

2) Korean (Korean Sogo “hand drum” dance by Quincy Korean School and Boston Korean Dance Team)

3) Japanese (Taiko drum?)

4) Filipino (DANCE PHILIPPINES Performing Arts Company)

5) Vietnamese (Martial Arts 15 minutes)

6) Thai (Music and dance)

7) Indian (Kathak Chhandika or Boston Bhangra)

3. 滋根基金會,中國探險學會,哈佛大學中國學生學者協會 2014 金秋茶話會

Saturday, October 11, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM (PDT)  Cambridge , MA


  •  亞洲英雄黃效文先生:世界級的探險家,四十多年的豐富積累,自然與文化的獨到發現和思考。
  •  從1974年到2014年,現代中國40年的滄海桑田,親身經歷,奇妙精彩的,中國發現之旅!
  • 獨家故事包括:尋找長江,黃河,怒江等江河的新源頭,六次帶領《國家地理雜誌》進行祕境探索。
  • 帶你走進中國奇妙而脆弱的環境和文化保護現實,從NASA的太空雷達圖像定位,到絲綢古路的神秘懸棺,到保護西藏最古老的寺院。
  • 記錄:老飛虎隊員的回忆;湄公河上的民情;雪中尋找長生仙鶴。。。
  • 珍稀動植物的保育,包括藏獒,藏羚羊,野犛牛, 麋鹿,缅甸猫,等等。

(現場有茶點供應)Tea and refreshment at hallway, If you have interest, please click the following link:



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