NCLS Weekly Newsletter 18-Sep-2014

Dear Parents:

After the exciting first two weeks of school, the new school year gradually moved onto normal track. The registration, tuition payment, and text book distribution are winding down.  We have a few notes for you here:

1. Classroom:  Due to more new students joining NCLS and some classroom changes in the beginning of school year, some students sit in the wrong classes. Therefore, please pay more attention to your child’s classroom number, make sure your child sit in the right class. You can check your child’s classroom number in your family account.  If you have any questions, please go to library to ask.

2. Tuition is due immediately if you haven’t made your payment.  If you need to withdraw or change a class, you can send an email with your account ID to, or come to the library on Sunday.

3. If you need to pick up the textbook, please send email to principals:, we will bring the textbooks to you this coming Sunday.

4. Library Use:  Under the agreement between NCLS and Day school, Please make sure  a)NOT to use any of the library’s computers. This includes unplugging Day school computers from the Internet and plugging the ethernet cable into your personal computers.  b) if you take any books from the shelves, please put them back on the circulation desk after. c) all papers, water bottles, etc. have been thrown out or recycled;

5. Parent Duty: As a registered NCLS family, you are required to perform duty or pay the fee. If you selected to perform duty, please come to perform on your signed slot, don’t wait until the end of school year.  If you do not perform your duty by the end of school year, you will be blocked from registering for next school year.

Thanks and see you this Sunday.

Ling and Li

Community News:

1. Seminar:   Date: 9/21/2014 Sunday   Time: 3:45pm to 5:00pm   Room:  #227

Speaker:  Zhe Jin 金詟

Title of the topic:  送孩子去名校/掀起藤校的盖头来


About speaker:

金詟(Zhe Jin)中国科学院博士,2001年赴美留学,先后在麻省医学院、哈佛大学医学院从事科学研究工作。出国前曾在南京大学、复旦大学等高校从事教学科研工作,并已晋升教授,曽是当时最年轻的博士、副教授、教授。他在美国学习、工作、生活的十多年中,潜心研究美国的社会制度、教育制度、招生制度及就业环境。近年来,帮助多位学生成功进入哈佛等常春藤名校。

For more info, please contact Mr. Jin         Phone: (857)288-3158

or visit



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