NCLS Weekly Newsletter 17-Oct-2013

Dear parents,

Hope all had a nice Columbus Day weekend.

We would like to notify all families of increased traffic and  parking enforcement in the Day Middle School area (Along Walnut, Crafts, Linden  and surrounding residential streets). We were informed about multiple complaints of blocked driveways, impeded corners and violations of no parking zones.

Since public safety is a concern, the Newton City will be extending an effort to  increase enforcement in the area on Sunday afternoons.   Cars actually posing an obstruction or safety hazard will be towed at the owners’ expense and tow companies don’t stay open very late on Sunday evenings, so this may result in not having access to a car until  Monday.

For your convenience, a reminder that it is STATE regulation that:

1) It is illegal to block someone’s driveway.

2) It is illegal to park within 5 ft of a driveway opening, on either side  (yes … this renders some streets with next to no parking)

3) It is illegal to park within 15 ft of a street corner.

Also, SPECIFIC TO NEWTON, please note that there are some areas that are  posted NO PARKING (one stretch is along the Crafts/Linden/Walnut St  triangle).   This will also be enforced.

The City of Newton is proud to have been host to the Newton Chinese School  for so many years and welcome the families that come to the City.  In return, we should respect and follow all rules that the city have.

Seminar:  Raising American Born Chinese Children: Lessons from Research on Culture and Mental Health

Oct 20, Sunday , 3:450pm to 5:00pm      NCLS , room #227

Speakers: Dr. Cindy Liu  and Dr. Huijun Li

See you this Sunday.

Guangsong and Ling


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