NCLS Weekly Newsletter 26-Sep-2013

Dear Parents,

Hope all families had a great start of the school year!  Now the season of autumn is officially coming, get ready to see the beautiful New England foliage and taste the delicious pumpkin pie. Meanwhile, at our school, we want to make sure all kids to be safe and happy while the fall semester is fully running.

Talking about safety, this coming Sunday, we will have our fire drill during the first class session.  Here is the drill plan:

We also have couple of notes for you regarding student safety at NCLS:

1) Please inform the teacher if your child would be absent from the school.  We want to make sure that students are in safe hands if they are not in NCLS classrooms.

2)For young children, please pick them up directly from the classroom.  We are all aware the classroom layout could be a challenge for young children.  We instructed teachers for K grade, 1st grade and 2nd grade that parents presence are needed for pick up. If you allow your kids to be released without your presence, please inform the teacher.  Meanwhile, we will have our parents on duty to watch out for any kids might be getting lost inside the building.  It will take a while for new students to get familiar with the building structure.

In addition, we want to address the bathroom sanity issue.  We have received complaint from Day school that the bathroom use by NCLS was unacceptable.  In both men and women bathrooms, the toilet paper and paper towel were thrown in wrong places, urine was on the floor.   All of these made th cleaning job very difficult and also create an unhealthy environment for our students.  Please have a talk with your children regarding the proper use of the bathroom.  We should treat the Day school property with respect and show our NCLS spirit of kind and consideration.

Lastly,  the 2nd floor gym will continue to be closed this Sunday due to floor re-finishing. Please follow last week’s classroom assignment.  If you don’t remember, you can either check the note post on the gym door, or come to the library.  Same as last Sunday, we will have parents on duty in front of the gym to direct any one who does not know their classrooms.

See you all this Sunday.

Guangsong and Ling


Ceremony of raising national flag will be held to celebrate the 64th Anniversary of PRC in front of Boston City Hall on Sept. 29, 2013. All of your group members and families are welcome. Please inform your members and bring the banners with your group names.

Time: 11:00Am-1:30PM, Sunday, 09/29/2013. (Flag rising: 12:00 noon)
Place: the Square of Boston City Hall. (Green Line at Government Center)
Art performances are before and after the flag rising.

为庆祝中华人民共和国成立64周年,九月二十九日将在波士顿市政厅前举行升国旗仪式, 请各社团通知你们的成员,欢迊所有华人华侨及其亲朋好友参加庆祝仪式。

时间: 11:00AM-1:30PM, 星期日, 2013年九月二十九日 (升旗仪式: 12:00正)
地点: 波士顿市政府广场 (地铁绿线 Government Center 站)


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