NCLS Weekly Newsletter 19-Sep-2013

Dear Parents,

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!  On behalf of all staff at NCLS, we give our best wishes to every family in NCLS community in this traditional Chinese holiday.

Our second school week past smoothly.  We also had another successful annual book sale last Sunday. Thanks to all volunteers who helped out in this event.  This is one of the fund raising event for our school’s Support Education Program.

We have couple of reminders and announcements for this coming week:

1. We’d like to re-emphasis on the computer use in library.  Please do not use any of the library’s computers.  DO NOT unplug Day school computers from the Internet and plug the ethernet cable into your personal computers.

2.  The 2nd floor gym will be closed this coming Sunday 9/22 and next Sunday 9/29 due to floor re-finish.  Emails will be sent out to all classes that will be affected by this close.  We will assign a classroom to each class to gather the students.  The teachers will arrange activities for students afterwards.

See you all on Sunday,

Guangsong and Ling


The 10th (2013) B.C.G.A. CUP Golf Tournament 第十届(2013年)波士顿中华杯高尔夫锦标赛! 

On Behalf of Boston Chinese Golfers Association (B.C.G.A.), we are very happy to announce that this year’s tournament will be held on Sept. 29th (Sunday), 2013 at Stow Acres Country Club Golf Course (North Course), 58 Randall Rd., Stow, MA. 

Attached please find Registration Form and Announcement Document:


日期: 2013年10月5日(周六)11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

地点: Hopkinton State Park        164 Cedar Street        Hopkinton, MA 01748


野餐Potluck        相信许多校友爱下厨房- 独乐乐不如众乐乐, 校友会此次特意为广大校友提供了展示自己厨艺的机会! 带上您的拿手好菜, 分享交流厨房心经! 您同时也可以选择支付少量金额享用他人及校友会为您准备的美味食物!

  烧烤               除了putlock作为野餐的主要内容以外,校友会还为您提供了烧烤的机会!不管您是否已成为烧烤的专家,还是从未烧烤过但却勇于尝试,我们也为您准备了烧烤的必备工具以及部分食物,DIY烧烤势在必行!如果您有自己想使用的工具或烧烤的食物,我们也鼓励您自带。

 娱乐活动       Hopkinton State Park 提供有许多可选户外活动:Fishing,Boating,Canoeing,Hiking,Horseback riding等等。

此外,校友会也极力为广大校友提供更多相互了解和交流的机会,我们现向广大校友征集集体游戏/活动建议。 如果有好的建议或能够提供游戏互动工具(如排球,Frisbee,拔河绳等),请发送邮件至

OCEAN MBA培训班第十四期即将开始


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机会不容错过!!! 为了更成功的事业, 更精彩的人生, 请查询我们的招生信息:   Tel: 617.919.0199   Email:

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