NCLS Weekly Newsletter on 24-Mar-2013

Dear NCLS parents:

The 《中文》classes will have the mid-term reviews session on Sunday. Parents of the 《中文》classes, please print the related mid-term review material for the students via the links below, and let the students bring it to their classes on Sunday. The mid-term exams will be conducted on April 7. Sunday Mar. 30 won’t have school.

Speech Contest in the auditorium during the 2nd period

The NCLS 2013 Chinese Speech Contest will be conducted among three groups, starting at 3:35pm on Sunday Mar. 24 and Apr. 7. This year we have a total of 59 applicants attending the contest. Winners will be the candidates of Emcee for the future school events.

Seminar in school

Title: Positioning Your Portfolio After Tax Hikes 如何应对增税

Abstract: Please join us to learn about the new tax law in 2013! Determine how the new 39.6% tax bracket, 20% long term capital gain tax, Phaseout of personal examption (PEP), Phaseout of itemized deduction (“Pease” phaseout), 3.8% Medicare surtax, 0.9% Medicare payroll tax, Net Investment Income (NII) and etc may affect your finance.  Strategies on how to optimize your income and portfolio to increase tax efficiency will also be discussed.

Speakers: 苏宁,特许金融分析师,注册理财规划师,奥瑞伊兰理财集团
张玉田,CPA (more than 12 years of experience)




Thank you for your attention. See you on Sunday!


Nan and Guangsong

NCLS Principals 2012-2013

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