Letter to NCLS Teachers 2-June-2016

Dear Teachers:

The School will resume this Sunday. There are a couple of important things that will be coming in the last three school days.

-2016 Spring Chinese (暨南教材) Final Review Materials

The 2016 Spring final will be on 6/12. Please send the email to your class parents to ask them to print the review materials at home and let the students bring the copy to class this Sunday. The school won’t print the review materials.










– Registration Procedure for 2016 Fall Semester

Registration for Fall 2016 semester is still on and moved into the 2nd period,  “Change Class” Period,  00:01 AM 5/26/2016 ― 11:59 PM of 6/5/2016. During this period, all current in-school students can change any class that’s available. After this Sunday, the registration will be moved into the 3rd period, “Open Registration” Period: 00:01 AM 6/6/2016 – 11:59 PM of 9/25/2016, the registration opens to all students  including new students and new K-graders.

-Book Distributation and Teacher’s Meeting

6/12 will be a  busy day, PCC is going to distribute the textbooks to all paid students. Please ask all students to sign the book pick up sheet by themselves, after that, please bring the signed book pick up sheet to Guanghua.

Another import thing, the whole school teacher’s meeting will be on 6/12, 2:30 – 3:00 pm, at room 222. Please try your best to attend the meeting.


If you need to reimburse your expenses, please do it as early as possible. The last school day will be on 6/19.

Here is this week’s parent newsletter: http://blog.newtonchineseschool.org/


Li and Ming


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