NCLS Weekly Newsletter 30-Oct-2014

Dear Parents:

The Daylight savings time will be ending this coming Sunday 11/2,  please set your time back one hour, hope everybody enjoy an extra hour of  sleep.  However, it will be darker when we leave the school. Please pay more attention during walking and driving in the dark, safety is always our school’s top priority.

1. Chinese Mid-term Exam this week (not including Ma Liping classes):

In last week’s newsletter, we already sent all review material (Ma Liping classes not included). If you missed it, please check this website:

Hope all students prepare well for the midterm.

2. Just a reminder to everybody, the annual NCLS Talent Show will be on this Sunday 11/2 at the school’s auditorium from 5:00 to 7:30 pm, if you have interest to attend, please email:   Here is the registration form:

3. Student Rules:

Since we had two false fire alarms recently, the school board, admin team and PCC decided to take extra actions to avoid such kind of things happen again. In addition to school’s effort, we hope all parents work with us together, educate your kids at home, tell them  the serious consequences caused by pulling the alarm on purpose, or damage the school property, etc. These inappropriate  behaviors will result in family financial penalty and discontinuation of school status.  At the same time, we requested teachers to re-emphasize the school rules in school class time. We believe all these effort will ensure NCLS a pleasant and healthy learning environment for the community.

One more thing we would like to address: we noticed that a lot of NCLS students took books from Day School library and left on the table randomly, according to the agreement between Day school and NCLS, we are not supposed to touch the books, computers etc. in the library. Please tell your kids about these rules.

4. Upcoming Annual Thanksgiving Party:

Please come to enjoy the holiday fun with our entire NCLS community!  It’s a night of celebration with performance, ballroom dance, Karaoke, kids activities & more.  Fruit and refreshments will be provided.

Time:  Saturday Nov. 22  7:30pm – 11:00pm

Admission:  Adult $10  Family:  $20

Location:  ACAS Center     29 Montvale Av.  Woburn, MA 01801

You can buy the tickets in the library PCC station.

5.  Here is this month’s school journal, enjoy reading:

Thanks and see you this Sunday.

Ling and Li

Community News

We will have seminar from 3:45 pm to 5:00 pm this coming Sunday, if you have interest, please go to room 227.

Speaker: Annie Wu(Founder of ASC English School); Rachel Heisler(Lead College Consultant); Lucy Lu(A+ Program Coordinator –Harvard University)

Title of the topic:  Getting Ready for College

We will discuss topics around getting ready for college from early on, which includes; 1)what you should do now to prepare for college; 2)making your college list; 3)making your college application stand out; 4)deciding between colleges; 5)applying for scholarship and/or financial aids

For more info, please contact:

Phone: 617-730-3705


Or visit website:

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