NCLS Weekly Newsletter 6-Feb-2014

Dear Parents,

Hope you all stayed warm and safe during the snow storm. This coming Sunday 2/9 will be our last class for the month of February.  There is no class on 2/16 and 2/23.

We want to remind you of the school’s annual speech contest on 3/16 and 3/23. If your child is interested in joining the contest, please inform your Chinese class teacher and submit the registration form to the teacher.  All teachers will submit the final contestant list to the school by 3/9.  Each class will select no more than three contestants to join the school contest.  We hope to see more students join this event.  It will be a fun and rewarding contest for all.

As always, our parents’  participation makes our school stronger.  Therefore, we are open to all your feedback and comments.  The NCLS Board has a dedicated email box for this purpose.  Please send your feedback and comments to

See you this Sunday.

Guangsong and Ling

1. Seminar:

TITLE: 2014 报税及财务讲座  (2014 Tax Return Seminar)

DATE: 2/9/2014  TIME: 3:45PM TO 5:00PM

ROOM#: 227   SPEAKER: 秦琳 CPA,  沈聪 Financial Advisor


又到一年一度报税季节了,资深会计师及财务规划师将联合为各位提供年度税法更新,还将讲解最佳减税方案合法避税策略 。欢迎各位出席!  Updating tax return related information and tax law changes for year 2014, as well as best strategies to lower your income tax, tax deferral or tax free growth on wealth accumulation. Please confirm your attendance by calling 508-241-0546.

2. Needham Chinese New Year Celebration

Dear all Chinese Friends of Needham,

Happy Spring Festival!

We sincerely invite you and your family to the Chinese New Year celebration on February 15, 2014 at Needham High School.

Time: February 15, 2014, 5-9pm   Location: Needham High School

Registration: The registration fee is $5 per person or maximum $15 per family, with food contribution; or $10 per person or maximum $35 per family, without food contribution. The registration fee is to be paid at the reception desk onsite. Please follow the link below to register online. Online registration deadline is February 8, 2014. Onsite registration is available at reception desk but with higher registration fee. Entrance is not guaranteed without preregistration, due to capacity limit and safety concern. Please sign up online at your earliest convenience.

Donation and volunteering highly appreciated! Let’s celebrate!

CFN committee

3.  Angel Dance Company Performance: 大梦敦煌    Dunhuang My Dreamland – Tales of the Silk Road


青年画师莫高为追求灵感与艺术的最高境界前往敦煌。 在穿越大漠的艰难中生命垂危, 被偶然路过的大将军女儿月牙所救。 不久, 他们再次在敦煌相逢, 茗生爱情。但伟大的将军却断然禁止他们的往来。这对恋人不得已只好私奔,跑到一座山洞里。 在那里月牙的舞蹈激发了莫高的作画。当剧中的事件一一发展,他们的爱的深度得以揭示。正是这种深厚忠贞的爱情,激发了莫高最大的杰作。


Dunhuang My Dreamland – Tales of the Silk Road

Set in the backdrop of the world famous Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang City, China, lies the legend of an enduring love. This grand dance drama brings us Mogao, a young painter, on his way to Dunhuang in pursuit of inspiration and the highest realm of artistry. As fate has it, he falls in love with the General’s beautiful daughter, Yueya.  But the powerful General forbids the relationship. The couple runs away and ends up in a cave, where Yueya’s dancing inspires Mogao to paint. As the events of the drama unfold, the depth of their love is revealed. It is this deep binding sacrificial love that inspires Mogao’s greatest masterpieces.

The dance drama vividly reveals the soul of the Dunhuang culture and the romantic legend about Mogao Grottoes and Yueya Spring. Let us go back to this colorful era, with its captivating music and costumes, and experience the beauty of Dunhuang!

Performed by: Angel Dance Company

Location: Casey Theater, Regis College, 235 Wellesley St. Weston MA 02493

Dates and Time: Sat 3/1  7pm,  Sun3/2  7pm,  Sat 3/8  7pm,  2014

Ticket price : $20  Order Online at:


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