NCLS Weekly Newsletter 23-Jan-2014

Dear Parents,

This coming Sunday 1/26 is our first class for the spring semester.  We give our best wishes to all families to have another successful semester as well as a joyful new year!

1. New Class – Beginner Ballroom Dancing

This year marks the 15th year of our ballroom dancing class.  During these fifteen years, our dancing classes have been growing bigger and stronger, with the excellent teaching from Wu Ye Laoshi and passion and hard work from our students.  Now we are calling for more dance lovers to join this great community, which you will not only learn the dancing steps, but also the beauty of movements. You will not only have much fitted body, but also have more terrific friends.  So, put on your dancing shoes and let’s spin.

2. 第二届少年儿童中文写作大赛

1月5日,在纽约州立大学Optometry Schwarz剧场,《侨报》第二届少年儿童中文写作大赛顺利举行,来自全美六大地区的30余位小选手分别进行了个人演讲、常识问答和才艺表演等项目的角逐。  最终, 大赛评出儿童、少儿、少年组的前三名以及6名优秀才艺奖。来自新英格兰波士顿地区牛顿中文学校的参赛选手唐若洋斩获少年组季军,唐若洋和王文伊还获得优秀才艺奖,牛顿中文学校还获得活动最佳组织奖。

We are so proud that Ruoyang Tang and Wenyi Wang from Newton Chinese School obtained these great achivements.  Congratulations! We are also very happy that our school obtained the best organizing reward. Thanks to our School Journal chief editor, Sarah Liu, who spent countless hours in organzing  and promoting this contest.  We also want to thank all students, teachers and parents who participated and supported this contest.  We will annouce our in-school contest results soon.

3. Upcoming Speech Contest in March

The annual speech contest will happen in mid March.  We will send out a detailed contest informantion as well as registration link in a seperate email shortly.

4. Out-School Chinese New Year Performance Video

Thanks to the Event Committee, PCC and all the performers, we had a great performance on 1/18 to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Please visit the following page for photos and videos: 

If you have any comments on this event, please contact the Event Committee <> 

5. School Journal – January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year of Horse!  Here is our school monthly journal for January 2014:

See you this Sunday.

Guangsong and Ling




演出时间: 2014年2月16日 周日 晚6:30。

演出地点:John Hancock Hall 180 Berkeley Street, Boston MA 02116(周日路边停车免费).

演出票价:$30(普通票), $50(一等票),$108(VIP)。团体票有好折扣。购买请与许华老师联系






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