NCLS Weekly Newsletter on 11-Jan-2013

Dear NCLS parents:

Time flied and it’s coming to the final exam in two weeks! The final exams for the 《中文》classes are on Jan. 20. Parents with kids in these classes, please print the review materials for your kids and let them bring to the class this Sunday, there will be the review session in the 《中文》classes this week.

Final exam reviews for 《中文》classes

(Please refer to Principals’ Weekly Newsletter last week for the links to the downloadable files.)

Registration for Spring 2013

The Spring semester starts on Jan. 27, 2013. Students from the Fall semester have been automatically registered for Spring, and the registration is open for making updates. Please make sure paying the tuition by Jan. 27, 2013.

Some course descriptions



Math Competition

1. Divisibility, prime factorization and its application in the competition

2. Looking into the patterns, arithmetic sequence, geometric sequence and mix

3. Algebra overview: including formula, equations and inequality, quadratic equations and functions, polynomial (multiply) and factorization

4. Geometry overview: parallel lines, triangle, polygon, congruent and similar

5. Competition practices (AMC, Math Olympiad, MathCount etc.)

Physics Concepts and SAT II

The primary goals of this course are to review the key concepts in Physics, and to help students in preparing for the SAT II Physics test. If you plan to pursue a math- or science-based program of study (such as science, technology, engineering or math), you probably should consider preparing and taking the Physics Subject Test. Since the SAT II Physics exam covers almost identical subjects as AP Physics B curriculum, students who are interested in learning the latter subject will also benefit from this course.

See you on Sunday!


Nan and Guangsong

NCLS Principals 2012-2013


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