NCLS Weekly Newsletter on 26-Oct-2012

Dear Parents:

Our students’ Chinese study has been progressing. The mid-term exam for 《中文》classes is on the way!

Please print the related mid-term review materials for students

The mid-term exam for 《中文》classes will be on Nov. 4. 《中文》teachers will give a review session this Sunnday. Please download and print the related review material for your kids, and let them bring the print-out to their classes this Sunday.


Support China Education

We will have China Education Support Program fundraising activity, Talent Show next Sunday night from 5:30pm – 8:00pm. This is a very good opportunity for you to show your talent in our Chinese School Community, and in the meantime, you are supporting our program.

NCLS Event Committee will select some programs from the Talent Show for school’s Thanksgiving party and Chinese New Year performance. The registration form can be printed from this link:

为支持中国贫困地区的教育事业的活动,支教学生志愿者准备了“Donation Box”, 各由两名学生在中文学校前后门处收集募捐。(1:30 – 2 :00 pm)欢迎家长和学生积极参与,并鼓励自己孩子献爱心帮助中国贫困地区学生。Every penny counts!

Lost and Found

If you or your kids have lost anything in the past (even last year), you may find your stuff in the Lost and Found basket in the library.  We are cleaning up our Storage Room this semester.  The lost items include clothes, books, back-bags, and all other kinds.  There is also an iPod.  Please note, due to the limited space in our Storage Room, we will either trash or donate all unclaimed items after 3-4 weeks.

Pick Up Your Kids

Once again, we had a little boy waiting for pick up when his parents were late.  Please manage to arrive earlier before the class ends.  In case you are late, work out a plan with your child to have a designated meeting spot such as the library.  Please also make sure your contact information in your NCLS account is up to date (Phone, email, address and emergency phone number etc).

Thank you. See you on Sunday!

Nan and Guangsong

NCLS Principals 2012-2013

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