Fire Alarm This Afternoon

Dear NCLS parents:

Around 5 o’clock this afternoon, the fire alarm went off in our school. Three fire trucks from Newton Fire Department arrived at scene shortly after the alarm. It was quickly discovered that one of our students accidentally pulled the fire alarm switch. We explained the incident to the captain and after a brief investigation, the fire trucks were sent back to the station.

We all have learned a lesson from this afternoon’s incident and would like our parents to be aware of:

  1. Please educate your child and your relatives visiting fromChina that the use of fire alarm switch. Please let them know unless there is a fire, please don’t touch the red switches on the wall.
  2. When you hear the fire alarm, please evacuate the building immediately. Several minutes after the alarm went off, some parents and students were still seen inside the building. To educate our students and parents what to do in case of emergency, NLCS will arrange a fire drill this semester and we will send out the detail once the plan is finalized.
  3. Please report to school admin if there is any incident. We want to thank the parents who came forward admitting that their child pulled the alarm this afternoon. This helped us quickly clarifying the situation and resolved it quickly with Newton Fire Department.

Thank you.


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