NCLS Weekly Newsletter 14-April-2016

Dear Parents:

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-School Break

NCLS won’t have school during the following two Sundays, April 17th and 24th. Hope everybody have a wonderful spring break. The school will resume on the May 1 st.

-NewtonSERVES Day

The 15th annual NewtonSERVES is going to kick off on the May 1st. It is the day of Community Service for all Volunteers. Newton Mayor Setti D. Warren is encouraging religious organizations, schools and non-profits to identify service projects that need volunteers. He is also asking citizens, businesses and civic organizations to volunteer and make a difference in the community.

As the responsible family member of Newton community, NCLS has been actively participated the Day middle serve day for many years. For this year’s Day school serve day,  on the May 1st, from 12:00 to 3:00pm, we encourage NCLS parents and students to join Day school PTA to contribute. The projects generally include to clean leaves, paint the wall, clean the hallway, pick up branches, put fresh soil on the side line, etc.

If you or your kids have interest to participate, please click the following link to submit your registration or send email to PCC Chair:


Li and Ming



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