NCLS Weekly Newsletter 04-February-2016

Dear Parents:

Happy Chinese New Year!

-Out School Chinese Spring Gala

With the leadership of NCLS event committee,  NCLS 2016 out-school Chinese Spring Gala was successfully ended at Regis college. Thanks a lot for all performers, PCC , admin staff, teachers, board members and volunteers who have been involved in and supported this event, makes this gala successful and an unforgettable night.

If you didn’t go to the Gala and would like to watch performance online, You can go to school webpage, what’s new, find the photo and video link or search <2016 牛顿中文学校春晚> from

In school Chinese New Year Performance this Sunday 2/7

NCLS EC and PCC will host Chinese New Year Performance at Day school auditorium at the 2nd floor starting from 2:00 pm this Sunday. You are very welcome to attend this significant event. The entrance is free. The classes without performance still follow the normal schedule.

-Day School Library and classroom Issues

I would like to circulate the latest email received from Day Middle school regarding to some library issues they found. Please follow the school rules and don’t leave any newspapers and water bottles at library, cafeteria, classrooms, gym and other public places. If the same issues happen in future, the newspapers will be discontinued to supply. And all computers at library are not allowed to use based on the agreement between NCLS and Day middle school.

‘I’d like to ask your cooperation in keeping the Day library neat. This morning I had to spend at least 20 minutes moving furniture back in to place and throwing out Chinese newspapers and water bottles, time I would rather have spent working with my students.

Please make sure to leave the furniture in the same arrangement you find it in, and ask your parents to clean up after themselves.’

In addition to the library issue we received last Sunday, we have received several complaining emails from Day School teachers regarding to removing the classroom materials and not putting desks and chairs into original position.  NCLS admin and board took these cases very seriously.  If we do not follow the classroom maintenance rules, our classrooms will be taken away.  Please keep reminding your child to help maintain the classroom condition.

-Speech Contest

Our annual Speech Competition is around the corner.  Please read the following competition description carefully, there are some minor changes  for this year’s competition format.

今年校内的比赛仍分为演讲比赛朗诵比赛两部分。根据美东中文学会(ACS)和新英格兰中文学会(NEACS)的规定,演讲比赛的题目可以自定,但不得抄袭书报杂志或网路文章 朗诵比赛可选用他人的作品,不限制题目内容。所有比赛必须在规定的两分三十秒三分钟之内完成。低于或超过这个时间都将被扣除一定的分数。校内比赛报名截止日为36日。比赛日期目前定于32027两日。如果报名人数较多43日宜可作为比赛日。学校将选出7名具有丰富教学经验的中文课老师组成比赛裁判组。有关比赛的具体事宜学校会在报名截止后通知参赛学生的家长。参赛学生将根据年龄分为三个组:低年级组六至八岁)中年级组九至十二岁);高年级组十三至十八岁)If you are interested to sign your child to the competition, please go to the following link to download the registration form.  You can also get the form in the school library. After you fill out the form, please submit to your child’s Chinese teacher.  Same as last year, all candidates who are going to participate the competition will be selected from school speech contest.牛顿中文学校演讲朗诵比赛报名表.pdf

-2016 Spring Semester Registration

The registration is still on until 2/14. If you registered and haven’t paid yet, please pay your tuition either online or drop the check at library.

If you changed your kid to the different class, please bring your kid to the new classroom and tell the teacher you did the change.

-Community News

活动时间及地点:2-13-2016,周六@BurrSch Gym
1:30-2:45 youth basketball (11 yo & under)
2:45-4:00 adult basketbal (including youth12yo&up)
4:00-5:00 adult badminton/volley ball split court
5:00-6:30 youth futsal (11 yo & under) [FULL]
7:30-9:00 adult futsal (including youth12yo&up)
2-13-2016,周六 1:30-8:30PM @Burr school gym
[本次免费活动需预先注册; WALK-IN将不被接受]
免费活动! 但是需预先在http://www.bostoncstar.org注册


Li and Ming

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