NCLS Weekly Newsletter 11-Dec-2014

Dear Parents:

– Spring registration

Just a kind reminder, we sent the notice last week, the online registration for spring semester will start on 12/14.  Please visit the following link to get the detailed procedure:

Please note that for the current NCLS students, you need to login your  account to register the classes and pay your tuition by yourself if you select the same class next semester. If you have any questions regarding the registration, please come to the library , we will have registration information desk to answer your questions.

-Parent Duty

We noticed some parents already went in the spring registration to select parent duty. Please note that without registration of classes, our system will automatically remove the selected parent duty.  Therefore, you can only select the parent duty after you register the class.  The fall semster will be over soon.  If you want to perform the duty but have not selected duty yet, please do it as early as possible. Otherwise, you will have $50.00 fine if you did not perform your duty by the end of the semester. If you have any question, please stop by PCC desk on Sunday.

– Entering Classroom on Sundays

Recently we received report from a Day School teacher that the property in a classroom was damaged by students while no adults were in the classroom. We would like to remind all families that the school requests all students who arrive earlier than 1:45pm to stay at the cafeteria or library, not to go into the classrooms.  This is for safety and classroom management considation.  We would like students to be attended by teachers or TAs while they are in the classrooms.  The classroom teachers and TAs are required to be at the classroom at 1:45pm.

– Newton City Hall Event


牛顿中文学校将携手牛顿市政府于2015年2月7日在市政厅共同举办中国新年庆祝活动,活动将面向牛顿市公众,宣扬中国文化,增加社区互动。当天下午1点到3点,我们将有一场中国民族乐器的表演,现特邀请练习中国乐器的学生参加该场演出,可独奏,合奏,曲目和形式不限。有意者,请联系Helen Cao at

– Art Teacher recruiting

For spring semester(starts 1/25/2015), we have an opening for art teacher who will teach drawing/painting class for 7-8 year olds.  If you have interest to be an art teacher in NCLS, please come to the library or send an email to us.

– Bottle water in libary

We would like to remind all families that the bottle water in the libary are for teachers and admin staffs.  We have noticed some parents come and take the bottle water.  Please bring your own water bottle to school if you need to drink water.  Thanks for your cooperation.

– Lost and Found at Thanksgiving party on 11/22

We found a girl’s jacket and a scarf at the Thanksgiving party.  Please come to the library to get it.

See you this Sunday.

Ling and Li


Community News

-Seminar:  How  to develop an effective financial plan to adapt Tax law change

   —Free Individual Consultation by appointment

Place: room #227      Date: 12/14/2014      Time: 3:45pm to 5:00pm

2 0 1 3     1 9 9 3                         ,        境 下    



     怎么计算 AMT  Tax,  AMT 税法有什么变化?


     20 万以上的家庭收入,如何申请到 3 万/年助学金?

     长期护理,~$200-300/day  的费用,健康保险和 Medicare  都不覆盖,如何应对巨额的医疗费?

俗话说  不谋全者不足以谋域,不谋世者不以谋一时,您  

     如何全盘考虑,  清晰地制定长期财富积累方案吗?


注册金融财务顾和会计师(CPA)会分享税以及法对家庭财务管影响的有关识和经验相信每个 人都会喜欢这次座并从中受。欢迎您您的朋友一起参加,财务问们会解答的疑问。

For more info, please contact:   Ying Liu, CPA    Marketing Director

Registered Representative       Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. 

Transamerica Financial Group Division

39-07 Prince Street, Suite 6A-3
Flushing, NY 11354
Office: 574-302-5568



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