NCLS Weekly Newsletter 1-May-2014

Dear Parents,

Hope all had a nice spring break! Our school will resume this coming Sunday 5/4, welcome back!

1.  Fall Semester Registration will start soon

We will post the fall semester registration procedure around mid-May.  Stay tuned.

2.  NewtonServes at Day School this Sunday 5/4 – Need volunteers

NewtonServes is a Day of Community Service that brings together over 1,000 volunteers of all ages to complete more than 50 community projects for the benefit of numerous non-profit organizations and City of Newton departments. Last year, NCLS partnered up with Day School and accomplished many things: painting rooms and hallways, cleaning windows, raking leaves, sprucing up the courtyard, among other projects.  This is a great volunteering opportunity for us to foster the sense of community.  We have a list of projects at Day School for this Sunday:

If you would like to participate the projects, the sign up sheet is here:

Please note:  1.   NewtonServes will run from 1-5.           2.  The organizer will provide all materials for painting, volunteers that plan to work outside are asked to bring gloves, rakes, and a wheelbarrow if they have one.     3.  Yes, school-aged kids are welcome to help!

We encourage you to join this meaningful community service!

3. 新英格兰中文学校协会(NEACS) 演讲比赛

NEACS 年度演讲比赛于4/26在Newton 侨教中心举行。我校的十五名参赛同学表现出色,其中十一名同学获得了奖项。我们由衷地祝贺他们!波士顿双语网的主编李强先生也是评审委员之一。他给我们发来了关于比赛的报道:


國語組 (6-8 years old):

第一名     周澤旭     余尚雋           第三名       王今茜               優勝         馬思遠

國語組 (9-11 years old)

第一名    范雪景           第三名     朱天琪            優勝     唐牧陽     李天悅     周穎欣

國語組 (12-16 years old)

第一名      卜  天                                優勝          馬軼姍

4. 校内演讲比赛电子特刊:

5.  All-American Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Competition Winners List

祝贺以下各位同学參加中華表演藝術基金會主辨的第23屆 2014全美青少年國畫書法比賽获獎﹕

There were a total of 429 entries (Brush Painting 287, Calligraphy 142) submitted by 37 different Chinese Schools, arts studios, and individuals from 11 states (CA, CT, FL, GA, MA, MD, MN, NM, NJ, NY, TX).  The images of the winners’ art works will be posted on around June 1, 2014.

國畫甲組 (9 歲及 9歲以下)

Mimi Yuexiao Yang杨月潇, age 9, 佳作獎  (Her second piece of painting was also chosen as Finalist入圍獎)

國畫乙組 (10-13 )

Ellen Deng 邓兴怡, age 13, 入圍獎   (Her second piece of painting was also chosen as Finalist入圍獎

Iris YuQing Yang 楊寧青, age 12, 入圍獎  (Her second piece of painting was also chosen as Finalist入圍獎

Emily Sun 孫佳偉, age 11, 入圍獎

Madeline Yi Shan Ma 马轶姗, age 12, 入圍獎

Johnny Poon潘俊言, age 12, 入圍獎

國畫丙組 (14-17)

Dylan Zhou 周詩宇, age 14, 入圍獎

Instructors: Hochung Lam, Ya-Hong Shen, Charles Qing Wang, and Cathy Chan (Tan Jialin)

6.  NCLS 2nd Math Competition Winners  


3-4th grade:

1st      Shen, Paul         Zhao, Andrew

2nd    Zhao, Kevin      Wang, Jessy        Fei, Sean      Shu, Jason

5th grade:

1st:    Zhang, Albert      Li, Karen

2nd:   Wu, Kevin      Jiang, Eugene     Su, Elena       Zhang, Alice       Zhang, Aiden

6th grade:

1st:   Gu, Emily       Qian, David

2nd:  Xu, Conway    Wu, Albert     Li, Andrew     Mei, Jonathan       Xue, Anthony

7th grade:

1st:   Wang, Nina     Dong, Yuheng

2nd:   Zhang, Chris     Zhao, Nathan    Han, Jerry      Xu, Aaron      Luo, Anika

8th grade:

1st:   Zhang, Aaron

2nd:   Chen, Lucas    Chen, Jessica     Lu, Robin     Crowley, Jason    Zhou, Daniel

9th+ grade:

1st:  Luo, Steven       Luo, Alice

2nd:  Lin, Ryan      Wang, Emily      Wang, Brianna      Chin, Alex

7.  Seminar : Money Talks: 退休計劃 

Date: 5/4/2014     Time: 3:45pm to 5:00pm       Room#: 227

Introduction: Retirement should be a time to look forward to and not something to be uneasy about. However, with the uncertainty of Social Security and the decline of traditional pension plans, planning and funding the retirement is the responsibility of each individual. One way to help take some of the worry out of retirement is to be prepared.  

Speaker: Amy L. Chen, CLU, Director, Multicultural Market Development,MassMutual Financial Group Springfield, MA.  Amy Chen is the head of Chinese-American market development for MassMutual in Springfield, Massachusetts. She is responsible for leading and implementing the business strategy for MassMutual to reach Chinese-American consumers. With 15 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry, Amy Chen has held various positions at AXA Advisors, Ameriprise Financial and AEGON/Transamerica Life Insurance Company. Chen’s most recent assignment took her to China for 3 years, working to develop strategic partnerships between insurance companies and banks, as well as to consult on marketing strategies. Amy started her career as a financial advisor for AXA Advisors in her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Any question? Please contact Huiming Guo, Ph.D. MassMutual financial Group

See you this Sunday!

Guangsong and Ling

Community News:

1.  劍橋合唱團2014年春季音樂會

劍橋合唱團2014年春季音樂會【聲色百匯 Tonight, We Broadway】
5/10(星期六)晚間7:30,MIT 34-101廳(50 Vassar Street, Cambridge)。

聯絡電話:217- 766-3035,Email:

MIT CCCS 2014 Spring Concert :【Tonight, We Broadway】 May 10th, 7:30 PM at MIT room 34-101(50 Vassar Street, Cambridge)
MIT Cambridge Chinese Choral Society (CCCS) will be performing its 2014 Spring Concert “Tonight, We Broadway” on 5/10 Saturday night 7:30 PM at MIT Classroom 34-101 (Enter from Vassar St.). The concert will bring everyone through a wondrous Broadway showcases.

This concert will be conducted by the University of Illinois Choral Conducting DMA Yufen Yen, and accompanied by current Boston University Piano DMA student I-Ying Lin. Songs including Chinese artistic songs, newly composed Taiwan folk songs, and Broadway showcases featuring songs from “Rent”, “Avenue Q”, “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Les Miserable”, and others. Free admission, donations welcome!

Contact us: 217-766-3035 /

2. Asian Pacific American Heritage Celebration

Opening Reception:   May 7th,   7-9pm

Newton City Hall    1000 Commonwealth Av.

Please see details in this link:


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