NCLS Weekly Newsletter 19-Oct-2012

Dear Parents:

We have such an amazing parents community at NCLS. Every Sunday when school starts, PCC Leaders and members work so hard to keep the traffic under control and the school activities being organized. Now the school is smoothly entering the seventh week, thanks to the help from PCC!

Here are the news and updates for this week-

News from the Support China Education Program

The team of the Support China Education Program has started their annual fund raising activities this year. The Talent Show is on the way! Please come up to demonstrate your talent and provide support to education in China. The Talent Show introduction and its application form can be downloaded via this link:

Other documents regarding the Support China Education Program can be found here:

Tickets for the Thanksgiving party are available now

We are expecting a funfilled Thanksgiving party for all families on Nov. 10, conducted by PCC and 喜洋洋乐团. The tickets can be purchased in the library on Sunday.

A teacher lost a cell phone 

If someone found a cell phone in school on last Sunday, please bring it to the library and hand it in to the school admin. The owner would really appreciate that.

School journal

This month’ school journal has been published online:

Seminar in school

Planning For College Financial Aid


Speaker: Richard Suder /John Shen
Time:Oct. 21th. 2012 3:30-5:00PM
Room:  319

That was a lot of news for now! Thanks for your attention. See you on Sunday!


Nan and Guangsong

NCLS Principals 2012-2013

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