Classroom Rules

Ms. Zeng’s G4 MLP Class Expectations

Materials Needed

  • Pencils (at least two, more are welcome) & a good Eraser
  • Text book and Blue or Yellow Practice book (with finished homework).
  • Already Cut-off New Word Cards – use rubber band to stack them by lesson. Only
    bring the words that we learned in the previous class, leave the rest at home.
  • Lined note book (for note taking)
  • A Chinese Dictionary (if you don’t have it yet, try to buy one at a Book Fair in NCLS)

Classroom Procedure

  • Please enter the classroom quietly, on time and take your seat.
  • If you have a basketball or a yoyo for the second class, please leave it at
    the front of the class room, and take it with you at the end of the class.
  • Lay out the word cards on your table to be ready to review.
  • Have your homework book (Blue or Yellow book) out for quiz.
  • Raise your hand if you have something to say and wait to be called on.  Only one person should be speaking at any given time.
  • Please no socializing in class.  Stay focused and be prepared to be called on during class.  You must be an active participant to do well in this class.  That means you should be alert and ready.


  • We use Blue Book for odd-weeks and Yellow Book for even-weeks. You are expected to turn in your finished homework on the following Sunday.
  • You must have a parent’s writing note with explanations if you could not
    finish homework on time.

Bathroom Policy

  • Make sure you go to the restroom before the class starts.
  • Please do not ask to go during class unless it is a true emergency. You
    may use the restroom during the five-ten minutes break.


  • Please do not touch or move anything in the classroom except the desk and chair.
  • Please do not eat or drink in the classroom except clear water.
  • Please no gum, hats, hoods, cell phones or other electronic devices.
  • Please do not ‘write’ on the tables with erasers, or any other writing instrument.
  • Please do not tap or drum on the tables or the floor, as it will distract other people.

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