Belly Dance/成人运动健身 Adult Aerobic Exercise

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This high-energy belly dance class designs for all-levels. You can increase flexibility, tone and burn every muscle as well as build skills and grace as a belly dancer. The workout includes stretch, isolation, shimmy and fun choreograph to great aerobic music. (Please barefoot or wearing soft sole; Hip-scarfs and other accessories will be offered by instructor.)”

Belly dance :

About the instructor:

Wenqin Hu I learned belly dance and become a performancer and instructor in Shanghai. After Moving to US, I kept teaching belly dance and Zumba in Brookline, Boston and Weston. As a belly dancer, I gave performance in theaters and restaurants routinely, but teaching is my true passion. The great delight in my life is to dig out the charm from deeply inside of women, to see the growing confidence, and to surprise everyone how beautiful and glorious they could be. Dancing makes you even better.

Welcome to dance class

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