To accommodate its growth, Newton Chinese Language School is recruiting Teachers for the 2021-2022 school year. Parents, teachers, staff members and friends of the community are all welcome to apply for the position. Legal work permit in the U.S is required.

Job Term: September, 2021 – June 2022

Application Materials: Resume and cover letter; send to
Recruitment Process: Selected applicants will receive a phone call to schedule a phone interview. The selected candidates after the phone interview will attend a face-to-face interview by the NCLS admin team.


Computer Teachers
Teaching Language: English
Payment: Class standard salary, plus bonus

* Passionate teachers in programming and web development
* Able to teach computer courses to young students (10 – 17 yrs old), including: HTML, CSS, bootstrap, JavaScript, Java, Python, PyGame, Scratch
* MS in Computer Science or a related field
* Excellent communication skills, patience with young students and a strong commitment to educating children and delivering high quality enrichment
* Ability to interact positively with parents, partners, staff and students
* Industrial or teaching experience is a plus