Registration Procedure for Spring 2013

Tuition for the 2012-2013 School Year 

Considering the current economic conditions, NCLS Board has decided to keep the same tuition rate for 2012-2013 spring semester as is:

Tuition for 2012-2013 Spring semester:

First class only: $150; Second class only: $130; For registration in both classes: $250. This price applies to both children’s and adults’s classes.

For senior class: $50.

Tuition payment deadline is January 27, 2013. Please refer to school policies on cancellation and late payment penalty on our web site at

Registration – from 12:00am on December 9, 2012 to 11:59pm on January 31, 2013.

First of all, all in-school students will be pre-registered in the same classes as they are during Fall term of 2012, because we consider the Spring term of 2013 classes as being continued from the Fall term of 2012. 

For example, if your child had registered the 1st grade language class A in the Fall term for 2012, the registration system will register your child in the same class of 1st grade language class A for the Spring term of 2013.

If you do not want to change your child’s class, you just need to login into your account, check your child’s class schedule; sign up for parent duty, print out the summary sheet, then pay the tuition with your summary sheet, either by mailing to

Newton Chinese Language School
P.O Box 600442
Newton, MA02460

Or by handing in to school accountants during school time at NCLS.

Please be aware that even though the school will pre-register for your students, you still need to log into your account, print out the summary and pay the balance due. This applies to NCLS teachers too.

If you want to make a change on your child’s classes, please read the following information. Note: all new students registering to a class need to talk to the teacher on the first day of the new semester for students’ qualification to the class, as well as getting the teacher’s input on catching up the study.

Change-Class Period for In-School Students 

From 12:00 am on December 9, 2012 to 11:59 PM on December 31, 2012

During this period, the registration only opens to current in-school students. All current in-school students can change their class schedule if there are vacancies in the class your child wants to get in.

“Open Registration” Period

Start at 12:00AM on January 1, 2013

During this period, the registration will open to anyone if there are vacancies in the class.

We will send the login ID and the password for your NCLS account to you through e-mail before the registration starts.