8 Week 8, We had 2019 midterm exam

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We had 2019 Fall midterm exam on 10/27/19

Singapore Math 7th

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NCLS math program adopts Singapore math system as a core in classes Instead of pursuing a placement of public school education or gifted students training, this system primarily focuses on the fundamentals and skills in mathematics learning and problem solving, and emphasizing on learning mathematics effectively.

Suggestions to the parents:

When you help your child to choose class, you need to read the course syllabus carefully and clearly understand the content in each course, then, find out a class which is proper to your child. For Math 4, 5, and 6, please let your child take the placement test at home and grade it yourself; a score of over 80% on the placement test is required for taking the related class.

When you think about ?math contest? class for your child, please keep in mind that this class is not suitable for all students. A certain level prerequisite is necessary in order to ensure everyone in this class to meet their goals after several years studying. It is highly suggested to speak to class teacher for the details before you and your child make decision.