2021-10-24 chrysanthemum

Chinese Traditional Brush Painting







To all my classmates at Newton Chinese School, the adult class and the children class:

I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to learn the traditional Chinese brush painting with all of you together at Newton Chinese School. Although the traditional Chinese brush painting has thousand years’ history, however, it is not an antique for display, instead, it is alive and evolving, always something new added to the old. There is no teacher/student here, we are all classmates learning together every week. We inspire each other for getting better and better. The purpose of the blog is to have dialogue, so please post your comments in either Chinese or English. Your input and suggestions are important to all of us.

I will try to post the paintings from each week here. Thanks to Charles Wang’s superb “photo shop” techniques that he made my demo paintings looked better than the real. He spent lots of time each week emailing the photos to the whole class. Because it was still wet at the end of each class when he took the photo, you could see the Chinese newspaper print underneath the painting. Also because it is painted vertically, some color/water dripped downward (for good or for bad) that was not what I intended to do.

I will also try to post some photos from the second class children’s works to share with you. They are amazing, to produce such nice works in such a short time with fun and intensity. It is a pleasure to watch them so focus and willing. Thank you and let us try together.

Sincerely yours,
(my English name is Cathy Chan, my Chinese name is Tan Jialin)