Chemistry Basics 基础化学

No prior chemistry knowledge required for taking this course

Run two semesters: fall and spring

Instructor: Jian Wei, Ph.D. Chemistry, Tufts University

The primary objectives of the course: 

Improving students’ performance in their first-year high school chemistry class

  1. Teaching chemistry principles.  So students will improve their understanding of the fundamental concepts of chemistry 
  2. Strengthening students’ proficiency in applying these principles to problem solving.  So students will improve their problem solving skills.

Who should take this course? 

  • Students start taking the first-year high school chemistry course in the fall semester of current academic year. 
  • Students would like to build a foundation for taking high school chemistry courses in the next school year.


  • Algebra with understanding of the second-year algebra concept of logarithms


Chemistry: The Central Science, 10th Edition 

by Theodore E. Brown  (Author), H. Eugene LeMay (Author), Bruce E Bursten  (Author)


Summer sessions 2020

Schedule: Eight weeks session, July and August

Scope: This class does NOT require any prior chemistry knowledge.  Suitable for students who have not taken any chemistry course before. 


  • Atomic structure, including evidence for atomic theorythe Periodic Table
  • Chemical bonding and molecular structure
  • Basic Measurement and Calculation Review
  • Chemical reactions and stoichiometry
  • Environmental chemistry

Teaching materials

An atom is made of a nucleus and electron(s) •

A nucleus is made of protons and neutrons •

Atomic number in the Periodic Table = # of protons inside the nucleus

The picture below represents a He (helium) atom, atomic number in the Periodical Table=2