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Dear parents,

The weekly homework is assigned at the end of every class period.   The students are clear about their homework assignments.  Almost all of the students in this class are entering their teenage years.  They are expected to be responsible for completion of their homework.  I will no longer send a separate email to parents regarding to the weekly homework assignments.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Homework: Make a CH4 tetrahedron model with paper and tape and bring it to next class

A regular tetrahedron is one in which all four faces are equilateral triangles.

Tetrahedron vertfig.png Tetrahedron.png
Tetrahedron flat.svg


练习册B第四课作业 需10/21/2018上课时交给助教

练习册B第四课作业除了第6页“三” , 第8页“二” 之外,其它练习题需10/21/2018之前完成上课时交给助教。

第6页“三” 和 第8页“二” 我会在下周课堂上讲解。


练习册A 第三课全部作业 需10/14/2018上课时交给助教

学生须完成练习册A 第三课的所有作业,并 于10/14/2018上课时交给助教。