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假期采访父母, 准备期末考试作文,题目“我父母艰苦奋斗的故事”



There will be no Chinese school for the next two Sundays.  For the last two weeks of this semester, we will have the review on 01/15/2017, and the final exam on 01/22/2017.

To help your child prepare for the exam essay “我父母艰苦奋斗的故事”, you may find the following information helpful.  Please open the link below and find the  listed page number:   page 10 – 12  page 14 – 17  page 2 – 3

Please also see the textbook: Lesson 6, Page 55-56, 成语故事: 艰苦奋斗

Please help your child becoming proficient in Microsoft Word Chinese, so s/he can write his/her essay for the exams with this software.

The minimum 250 words including the tile “我父母艰苦奋斗的故事”, 九年级甲班, 学生中文姓名, 日期,标点符号, are required. 1. Please email the essay to me before 1 PM on the exam day. 2. Please print the essay and bring the paper copy to the classroom and turn it in with 考卷 on the exam day.

Happy holidays!

Chapter 5 homework, week Dec 05, 2016

Making paper models of Molecular Geometry: Tetrahedron and Octahedron

You may cut paper triangles and tape them together with Scotch tape.