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Mark Zuckerberg gives 20-minute speech in Chinese 10月24日2015年

Mark Zuckerberg at Tsinghua University

Founder and CEO at Facebook

I just gave my first ever speech in Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing — on why you need a strong sense of mission to change the world.

This was also my first real speech in any language sharing how I started thinking about Facebook’s mission, what has kept me going through challenging times and what our mission means now looking ahead for our community of 1.5 billion people.

This video also has English subtitles and you may find it interesting if you’re thinking about building something or are interested in Facebook’s history.

PVSA ceremony 3:30pm on October 25th in the auditorium

At 3:30pm on October 25th, the first ceremony for the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) winners will be held at the auditorium. The school invites you and the students of your class to attend the ceremony. You may line up your students right after the class and walk to the auditorium together.
The PVSA program is a premier volunteer awards program, encouraging citizens to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition. Thanks to Yongqi Deng, the chairman of the NCLS board, who brought the program to our school. We are all thrilled that the first group of TAs of NCLS have just received the award days ago. To have your students to come to the ceremony, it will help the students know more about how they can get involved with the school after graduating. Besides the TA program, our school has also initiated an internship program starting from this semester, which can also help the students to achieve the PVSA. Please help to introduce the information above before bringing your students to the auditorium.

期中考试作文; 校作文比赛; 侨报作文比赛


为配合校作文比赛和侨报作文比赛, 我班的即将来临的期中考试作文题目为《孝》或《我的老师》。期中考试作文总字数要求至少250字。期中考试作文总字数多于600字(年龄14-16岁),或作文总字数多于400字(年龄11-13岁),即符合校作文比赛和侨报作文比赛要求。

——— Forwarded message ———- From: Sarah Liu <> Date: 2015-10-10 11:55 GMT-04:00 Subject: Fwd: Writing Contest 2015 To: Jian Wei <>

Hi, Teacher Wei,


可否请在给家长通讯中提及此事。如您的班级有写作内容,可否将作文比赛的题目《孝》或《我的老师》作为题目布置给同学们,并将作文收给我。如您的课没有写作环节,也请代为收集作文。I will come by to your classroom to collect the essays if that’s easier for you.









要求: 儿童组(300字)  少儿组(400字) 少年组(600字)  青年组(1000字)



纸版:2015年11月8日 任课老师 图书馆宣传部或校行政皆可

注意: 如上交纸版,请另外电邮一份电子版到作文比赛负责人邮箱。





咨询:宣传部 刘老师 (12:45pm—3:30pm) 丁老师 (3:30pm—5:00pm)

Homework to be completed prior to 10/17/2015 Chemistry SAT class

All students are required to do the homework assignments in both Princeton Review SAT Chemistry Subject Test book and Princeton Review AP Chemistry Exam regardless if you plan to take AP exam or not.

On Cracking the SAT Chemistry Subject Test, Princeton Review, 15th Edition

Chapter 6   Electron Configurations and Radioactivity:

Solve Question Type A:  #1, #2, and #3, on Page 76

Solve Question Type B:  #101 on Page 76


On Cracking AP Chemistry Exam, Princeton Review, 2016 Edition

Chapter 3 Atoms, Elements, and the Building Blocks of Matter

Multiple-Choice Questions: #13, #14 on Page 93


C = λν;   E = hν

Go to Princeton AP book, page 327, find above equation and the definition of C, λ, ν;   E  and h

Wave–particle duality: A theory that proposes that every elementary particle including electron exhibits the properties of not only particles, but also waves.

Single particle: The momentum of a particle is traditionally represented by the letter p. It is the product of two quantities, the mass (represented by the letter m) and velocity (v):

P = mv

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle: It tells us that it is impossible to simultaneously measure the position and momentum of a particle with infinite precision, i.e.

(Δp((Δx) ≥ h/4π

Heisenberg established this expression as the minimum amount of unavoidable momentum disturbance caused by any position measurement.  He refined his principle:

Go to Princeton AP book, page 275, find the definition and value of of h (Planck’s constant) in the above equation.

This equation reveals that the more accurately a particle’s position is known, or the smaller Δx is, the less accurately the momentum of the particle Δp is known. Mathematically, this occurs because the smaller Δx becomes, the larger Δp must become in order to satisfy the inequality. However, the more accurately momentum is known the less accurately position is known.

(In our everyday lives we virtually never come up against this limit).