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请尽快购买辅助教材 (必备): 新华字典 (汉英双解, 汉语拼音, 附录有中国行政区, 少数民族, 历代朝代, 度量衡, 等);


请尽快购买辅助教材 (必备): 新华字典 (汉英双解, 汉语拼音, 附录有中国行政区, 少数民族, 历代朝代, 度量衡, 等);  每节课及每次考试都要用到

可打开以下 链接购买

请尽可能购买:  中国地图 (必须中文标示, 必须包括所有临国国界及附近海域, 最好有国徽, 国歌)。  我尚未在internet  找到购买处。

Purchase Textbooks and Reference materials for Chemistry SAT class

Dear students,

Welcome to Chemistry SAT class at Newton Chinese School.  For all information about this class, please open the link below:

Please purchase Textbooks and Reference materials: for 2015- 2016 school year as soon as possible

1. Cracking the SAT Chemistry Subject Test, 15th Edition (College Test Preparation) 15th Edition, by Princeton Review (Author), ISBN-13:  978-0804125680;  ISBN-10:  0804125686

2. Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam, 2016 Edition (College Test Preparation) by Princeton Review (Author),  ISBN-13:  978-0804126144; ISBN-10:  0804126143

3. The Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests™ 2nd Edition, From the makers of the SAT Subject Tests, CollegeBoard, ISBN-13: 978-0874479751 ISBN-10: 0874479754

Note: Please bring your calculator and a notebook to each class meet.

Wei Jian Laoshi