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Cambridge Science Festival

Sat. April 13, 2013, 12:00 PM- 4:00PM, Cambridge Public Library, 449 Broadway

Chemistry will be presented with hands-on excise opportunities.  Colleges supporting the event include MIT, Harvard, and many more. 

Please open the link: Science Festival Sat. April 13 2013

April and May 2013, Chemistry SAT teaching plan

Two critical dates –

2013 AP Chemistry Exam: Monday, May 6

2013 SAT Chemistry test: Saturday, June 1

There are only five Sunday classes before SAT test date and three Sunday classes before AP exam day.

(There is no Chinese school on March 31, April 14, April 21 and May 26).

I plan to finish all topics (chapters) in the SAT chemistry book with supplementary material in AP Chemistry book by April 07, 2013. 

 April 14, April 21, (Newton Chinese School are closed.  There will be no Chemistry SAT class meets)

  • The students who will take SAT Chemistry test on June 01 are required to do three SAT Practice Exams in Princeton Review SAT book at home.  Please write down your questions and bring them to 04/28 and 05/05 classes, so I can go over these questions in the class.
  • The students who will take AP Chemistry exam on May 06 are required to do at least two AP Practice Exams in Princeton Review AP book at home.

In May 12 class, the students will practice SAT test in “The Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests, Chapter 6 Chemistry; from the makers of the SAT Subject Tests, CollegeBoard” book. 

On May 19, the last class meet before SAT test, we will devote class time to fill the knowledge gaps and holes that the students have discovered in their practice tests. (No Chinese school on May 26). 

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Wei Laoshi