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Teaching /studying plan for 05/20, 06/03 and 06/10 classes

Dear students,

Please bring to class

1. Princeton Review and Kaplan books to class and the practice tests you have done.
2. The College Board test you have done.
3. The Chemistry textbook used in your school.

Through these practice tests you should find you knowledge gap, so you can study these gap areas today in class.  I will go over the questions each of you may have in class.

05/20 class, today, is the last class before SAT test. 

05/27/2012 NCLS close for Memorial Day long weekend.

June 02, 2012, SAT Test (Saterday)

06/03 (Sunday) and 06/10 (Sunday) will have Chemistry SAT classes.  You will do preparation for your high school chemistry final exam including chemistry homework if any.  I will help you for any questions you may have.

06/17 is the last day of Newton Chinese School.  But there will be NO Chemistry SAT class since We have made it up on April 15 in Newton Library. (By 06/17, all high school final exams should be over).

Wish all students the best luck in your SAT Chemistry exam on June 02 and/or your school chemistry final exam.

Wei Laoshi

What major(s) your child/ren will chose as their career in future?

* This post does NOT reflect or imply any of my personal belief and experience or bias.

Dear parents, 

Have you ever wondered what major(s) your child/ren will chose as their career in future? What factor(s) decides the most suitable major(s) for them? The authors of this paper try to answer that by summarizing the last 45 ~ 50 years research through a meta-analysis of what we know and what we don’t know. It is a scholarly article published on a peer-reviewed journal rather than a newspaper article.  I suggest you to read the whole paper to get the complete picture that the authors try to present, if you are going to read it.   Please open the link  Science and Mathematics