Teaching plan for the next four weeks before SAT test date

Dear students,

There will be two classes before the AP Chemistry test date (May 07, 2012) and four classes before SAT test date (June 02, 2012).

Each student has found her/his chemistry knowledge gap from two practice tests on Apirl 08 and April 15.

Based on the input from the students at the end of last week meet, I will cover following topics and excises in class:

  • Electron orbital and orbital hybridization
  • Thermodynamics functions:  H, S and G
  • Thermo chemistry: bomb calorimeter & experimental aspects http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAgbknIDKNo&feature=related
  • Nuclear chemistry (more than just a few radioactive decays)
  • Acids and Bases: three definitions; calculating pH of weak acids and weak bases
  • Solution chemistry and chemical reaction equilibrium constants: Ksp, Kp,  Kc, Ka, Kb and the relationships between them
  • Catalyst and catalyzed chemical reactions

Please bring Princeton and Kaplan books and a calculator to classes.

Wei Laoshi

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