Course Introduction

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Course Description: This course is designed for children of ages 5-7 to use LEGO bricks develop children’s attention and imagination. The teacher uses a variety of methods to teach children to complete projects independently, guide children through the problem solving process, and ensure that children learn and have fun at the same time.
The teacher uses paper instructions, videos, or LEGO models to link the children’s experience in life. When a video is used, each child should bring a tablet to use in the class. Any school LEGO bricks should not be taken away from the classroom.

Course Goals: Children are given basic challenges, encouraged to creatively build and play, and inspired to use their imagination.

Course Content: This course runs for 16 lessons per semester with a different theme introduced each lesson.

Class themes include but are not limited to the following…
• Our Animals and Zoos – Everybody loves animals. Tiger, dog, elephant… build your own adventure with a touch of LEGO magic.
• Best Vehicle – Have fun building custom cars down a ramp while learning about a limousine car, a futuristic super car, or a police car, all full of your imagination.
• Airplane – Building custom planes out of LEGOs is a fun way to be creative and enjoy yourself. Enjoy flying in the sky on a LEGO airplane!
• Working on the Railroad – Build custom train cars to get loads from point A to point B while learning about basic principles.
• Architecture – Design and build houses that is both whimsical and efficient while including facilities that every home requires.
• City Planning – Children work cooperatively to build and engineer their own city while providing essential services to the population.
In all cases children are encouraged to think “outside the box”, experiment, test, and improve on their solutions.

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