Nov 06

Online Virtual Show / 网络才艺大展

2021-2022 will be the 16th year for Support Education Program (SEP) in NCLS. The program runs an annual talent show to raise funds to support underprivileged students around the world, mainly in China. Under the current Covid-19 environment, this year’s Talent show will be ON-LINE and expanded to include the traditional on-stage performances; art exhibits such as drawing, photographing, and calligraphy; and cooking, baking, and other artful work products. Performances or art exhibits can be submitted via prerecorded video, picture or PPT.  The submissions will be presented together with the live performances during the talent show. The entire talent show proceeds will be designated to SEP. Please join us to show your talents, artful hobbies, adventures during Covid-19, and support a great cause!

Please submit the performance registration form before 11/30/2021. This link will be disabled after the deadline.


请在2021年11月30日前注册您或您所在团体的节目,2021 NCLS Talent Show Registration form ( 逾期此链接将不生效。

Oct 08

2021 NCLS 8th Tennis Tournament for Support Education Program


We are excited to bring back our annual charity fund raising tennis event after a brief pause last year due to COVID.  Tennis players of all levels are welcome to participate.  All proceeds will go toward the Newton Chinese School 2021 – 2022 Support Education program (16th Year) supporting the education needs of underprivileged students in rural China and greater Boston area.  To find out more about the Support Education Program at NCLS, go to

Tournament Detail is as follows:

  1. Registration begins immediately.  You can sign up via the web registration form:
  2.  or call/email/text/WeChat Jianqing Luo (罗剑青) at 617.957.6354, or Jackie Zhou (周津平) at   If this is the first year you are participating in this tournament, let us know your level (USTA NTRP rating or UTR if available), your email address and phone number when you register.  
  3. Entry fee – a donation of $25 for Singles, $50 per pair for Doubles.  You can sign up for multiple flights. Please make your check payable to “NCLS” and write “Support Education” in the memo section.  Or send your donation to Jianqing Luo via PayPal/Zelle/BOA transfer at: 617.957.6354 and write the player’s name(s) and NCLS Tennis Donation in the Note section. 
  4. Tournament Flights:
    1. Men’s Doubles A Group – USTA 8.0 Combined
    2. Men’s Doubles B Group – USTA 7.0 Combined
    3. Mixed Doubles – all levels
    4. Men’s Singles A Group – USTA 4.0/4.5 level
    5. Men’s Singles B Group – USTA 3.0/3.5 level
    6. Women’s Singles – all levels
    7. Girls’ Singles – all levels
    8. Boys’ Singles – all levels
    9. Junior Doubles – all levels
  5. Match Format:  Matches could be round robin or single elimination depending on number of entries. Final detail will be published on 10/9 with the draw.
  6. All matches will be self scheduled.  Players in the same flight will arrange a time and court to play with opponents and report the results back to organizing committee. Organizing committee can facilitate the scheduling if needed.  All rounds are expected to be completed by end of October.
  7.  Registration deadline is Friday, 10/8/2021.  Draws will be announced via email and WeChat and accessible via Google Doc on Saturday, 10/9/2021. Please contact Jackie Zhou (周津平) at 617-538-4318 if you have any questions.
May 27

NCLS SEP庆祝支教15周年-队友遊园活动

🌿 大家好!
时间: 6/5//2021 周日 上午10点
地点: 125 Arborway, Boston, MA 02130哈佛植物园  The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University                    

为了方便统计人数,我们设计了简单的报名表。烦劳大家提前注册。就可以省了活动当天的时间。到了后就可以直接聚会、照相和遊园了。鼓励大家car pool.


Nov 18

SEP 2020 Talent Show Registration Starts Now!

2020 NCLS SEP Talent Show 开始报名啦!
Time 时间: Saturday. Dec. 19, 2020, 7:00-9:30 pm
Virtual ZOOM 网络才艺大展

今年我们除了才艺表演,还欢迎各种才艺作品展览,利用网络这个平台,充分展现个人或家庭在绘画,摄影,书法,时装,厨艺,糕点制作及手工艺术等各个方面的才华,共同分享生活中的点点滴滴,乐观面对当前的疫情。作品可以用视频,照片或者PPT文件的方式递交。支教学生志愿者很高兴帮助编辑视频,照片和PPT文件。 感谢您对支教活动的支持和爱心奉献!

Jun 25

Join Us! The 2018-2019 SEP program registration is open now!

* Join us! The 2018-2019 SEP program registration is open now. 

Please use this form to sign up:

* 2018 NCLS Support China Education Project China trip team had a successful trip and finished their school-wide report. Please click the link below for SEP team activities details: 

访问河南省新安县第一高级中学 2017-2018 SEP 活动)

NCLS Support Education 2018 Before Departure – 行前活动

NCLS Support Education 2018 China Trip  Summary –

* Great news – we received The Tan Family Education Foundation donation $6000. Thanks to teacher Tan Jialing continuous support and generosity to SEP. We are very much appreciated!

* NCLS Tennis Tournament raised more than $2000 to support our SEP program.  This year, we included both juniors and adults in the tournament. Here is the tournament result:

Winners: Place
Doubles B
Penggo Duan/Mai Yang 1
Mingshi Dai/Jason Dai 2
Zhanjiang Lu/Shuangyong Xu 3
Girls’ Singles
Jessica Dai 1
Alicia Guo 2
Vanessa Xue 3
Doubles A
Binh Nguyen/Qing Liu 1
Terry Cao/Weihe Ye 1
Haodi Dong/Xinwei Li 3
Larry Tran/Min Zhang 3
Men’s Singles A
Terry Cao 1
Min Zhang 1
David Deng 3
Eric Gong 3
Women’s Singles
Jackie Zhou 1
Tracy Fang 1
Chunmin Chen 3
Lingfei Hou 3
Men’s Singles B
Ray Rong 1
Yasheng Huang 2
Mai Yang 3
Ping Wang 3
Oct 31

2017 牛顿中文学校才艺表演报名通知

talentshow2017cell version

支教助学, 传承爱心 – Fundraising Talent Show


Newton Chinese School Support China Education project has entered its 12th year. Every year, the working group organizes a series of activities for fund-raising to support Chinese high school students who are outstanding but need financial help. The Youth and Family Fundraising Talent Show plays an important role. We welcome individuals, families, and groups from NCLS as well as the surrounding area to participate in the show. All proceeds will go toward the 2017 – 2018 Support China Education program supporting underprivileged high school students in Xin’an Yizhong, Henan province. The talent show is also a great platform for selecting excellent performing program to qualify for NCLS in-school or out-school New Year Gala and other performance opportunities. Let’s share our talent, enthusiasm and work together to support this meaningful course. You can make a difference!

See below for the details: 才艺表演的具体安排如下):

Time (时间):   20171210, Sunday (星期日) 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Location (地点):  Auditorium, F.A. Day Middle School (牛顿中文学校礼堂)

Address: 21 Minot Pl, Newton, MA 02460

Registration (报名方法以及付费方式Please register online by click link before 12/1/2017:

If you have question, please email:


NCLS Event Committee & Support China Education Working Group



Sep 11

2017-2018 NCLS SEP Recruiting Announcement

Dear Teachers and Parents,

Due to the strong support of the community from NCLS teachers, parents, staff, working group members, The Tan Family Education Foundation and communities surround Boston area, NCLS Support China Education Project (SEP) has become a well-known community service program. We are incredibly thankful for your generosity, just last year alone, the SEP program was able to assist 30 high school students from disadvantaged families at Yuci Erzhong to finish their high school. You have made huge impact on those lives.

As we start the new school year of 2017 – 2018, the NCLS Support China Education Program has kicked-off its planning phase during the summer. This marks the 12th year of the Program. This year we will be providing support to students at Xin’an Yizhong, Henan province (河南省新安一中). More information about this school and the students will be made available on the NCLS web site.

Working Group Member Recruitment – To make this year’s program successful, again we are recruiting new working group members. The number of members is not limited.  Any parent, teacher or staff who is interested in supporting and contributing is welcome to join us. The working group members are all volunteers, but we do need certain amount of commitment from you as a team member, please take a look at your schedule before you apply. We will run a series of fund-raising events and activities, have meetings and organize the students’ trip to China. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to before Saturday September 30, 2017.

Student Volunteers Recruitment – As usual, we are also recruiting student volunteers this year. Every NCLS student above 8thgrade is eligible even if you are not planning to go on the trip to China in April and your volunteer hours will be recognized. For those students who would like to apply as a member to go to China in April 2018, volunteer work prior to the trip is required. We especially welcome our program alumni to volunteer again this year as a way to give back to the program. If you are interested, please register online by clicking the link:

2017 China trip team presentation – Support Education Program Working Group will host a presentation by 2017 China trip team on September 24, 2017 at 3:45pm in room 325 (TBD). Please come and join us for an info session. Our students will share their experiences and stories at Yuci erzhong, Shanxi province, this presentation will help you to understand more about this program and we will answer any questions regarding the program you have.

Thank you!  We appreciate your continued support and look forward to another successful year ahead!

The NCLS Support Education Program Working Group