Feb 27

2017 年义卖

时间:二零一七年三月十二日,1:30pm – 5:00pm
地点:F. A. Middle School 餐厅 (NCLS)
捐赠各种使用过的,但仍然有价值的艺术品,装饰品,日常生活用品,陶瓷器具,电子产品,衣物鞋帽,玩具,儿童书籍,厨房用具,运动用品, 光碟,录像带, 或其他。请将捐赠物标上你的估价,送到 F. A. Day Middle School 餐厅, 由我们的工作人员卖出去。所得额全部交 NCLS 支教项目。未售出的物件送去慈善机构。
欢迎商家摆摊设点。注册费将归 NCLS 支教项目,营业利润则属于业主。详情请联系

Feb 14

2017 Dance Party for Support Education Program (SEP)

(click here for 2017Dance_flyer)
Dear Teachers and Friends,
NCLS Support Education Program is celebrating its 11th anniversary!  With all of the group members’ tireless and selfless contributions and efforts, NCLS board leadership, parents and teachers’ support and students’ participation, this program has become one most prominent community service programs in Massachusetts.
You are cordially invited to join this year’s fundraising dance party on March 25th, 2017! Come for a wonderful night celebrating the coming of spring, and have fun! Contributions to the SEP cause will go the impoverished families of Shanxi province. Come support our local community in promoting education in China.
SEP works to help those in need. Each year, student participants work to raise money for provinces in rural China; this year, the students will be taking a trip to the Yuci middle school. This trip serves to allow our students to be immersed in Chinese culture, learn about their own environments in contrast to China’s and to better help those in need.
If you have any questions regarding the dance party or the SEP program, please contact Yan at yyan5221@yahoo.com or Ginger Yao at gingeryao@gmail.com. Please see the party details in the attached flyer. 
Best Regards.
The NCLS Support Education Working Group
Oct 16

2016 牛顿中文学校才艺表演报名通知

Fundraising 2016 Talent Show 支教助学, 传承爱心

Click here for event flyer  2016-ncls-talent-show

Newton Chinese School Support China Education project has entered its 11th year. Every year, the working group organizes a series of activities for fund-raising to support Chinese high school students who are outstanding but need financial help. The Youth and Family Fundraising Talent Show plays an important role. We welcome individuals, families, and groups from NCLS as well as the surrounding area to participate in the show. The talent show is also a great platform for selecting excellent performing program to qualify for NCLS in-school or out-school New Year Gala and other performance opportunities. Let’s share our talent, enthusiasm and work together to support this meaningful course. You can make a difference!


See below for the details: (才艺表演的具体安排如下):

Time (时间):   2016年12月11日, Sunday (星期日) 3:45pm – 6:30pm

Location (地点):  Auditorium, F.A. Day Middle School (牛顿中文学校礼堂)

Registration (报名方法): Please register online by click link:


If you have question, please email to: supporteducation@newtonchineseschool.org


NCLS Event Committee & Support China Education Working Group


Sep 27

The 4th Tennis Tournament in October !

Newton Chinese Language School (NCLS) 4th Tennis Tournament (牛顿中文学校网球锦标赛)
for Support China Education Program 
Tennis players of all levels are welcome to participate.  Entry fee – a donation of $20 for Singles, $40 per pair for Doubles.  Please make your check payable to “NCLS” and write “Support Education” in the memo section.  Bring payment to Newton Chinese School @FA Day Middle School tennis court or to organizers.  All proceeds will go toward the 2016 – 2017 Support China Education program supporting underprivileged high school students in Yuci Er Zhong, Shanxi Province (山西省榆次二中).   To find out more about the Support China Education Program, go to http://blog.newtonchineseschool.org/supportchinaeducation/
Tournament Detail is as follows:
1. Registration begins immediately.  You can call/email/text/WeChat Mingshi Dai (戴明时) at (978) 930-2992,mingshi_dai@yahoo.com or Jackie Zhou (周津平) at 617-538-4318jackiejpzhou@yahoo.com.   Let us know your level, email address and phone number when you register.  All matches will be played at Newton FA Day Middle School and Newton North / South High School courts over 2 weekends:  10/8– 10/9 and 10/15 – 10/16.  Rain date: 10/22-10/23.
2.  Match rules:  
·         Men’s Singles A Group (USTA level 4.0/4.5 only):  Pro sets.  Best of 3 sets.  The 3rd set is a Coleman 10-point tie-breaker.  (Players in the A group will be designated by tournament organizer based on self rating and player tournament history). Matches for this group will be self scheduled at challonge.com.
·         Men’s Singles B Group: One set with 7 point tie-breaker if games tied at 6:6.
·         Women’s Singles: One set with 7 point tie-breaker if games are tied at 6:6.
·         Doubles: One set with 10-point tie-breaker if games are tied at 6:6.
3.  Registration will be closed on 10/6.  Draws will be announced on 10/7.
Please contact Jackie Zhou (周津平) at 617-538-4318 if you have any questions.
Sep 17

2016-2017 NCLS SEP Recuiting Announcement

Dear teachers and parents;

With the strong support from school parents, teachers, staff, working group members, The Tan Family Education Foundation and the communities surround Boston area, NCLS Support China Education project become very popular. We have celebrated our school 10 years successful Support China Education project in June this year. More parents and students would like to join the team, to contribute their time and to help the students in China who has financial issue but eager to learn.

As we start the new school year of 2016 – 2017, the NCLS Support China Education Program has kicked-off its planning phase. This marks the 11th year of the Program. We will be providing support to students at Yuci Er Zhong, Shanxi province (山西省榆次二中). To keep this year’s program successful, we are recruiting new working group members. The number of working group members is not limited.  Any parent, teacher, or staff who is interested in supporting and contributing is welcome to join. The working group members are all volunteers, but we do need certain amount of commitment to the program as a team member. We will run fund-raising activities, have meetings and organize the students’ trip to China. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to


before Friday September 30, 2016. If your kids will sign up for the student volunteer team, please sign up with your kids online by click the link below –


We are also forming a student volunteer group again this year. Every NCLS student above 8th grade is eligible even if you are not planning to go on the trip to China in April and your volunteer hours will be recognized. For those students (9th grade and above) who would like to apply as a member to go to China in April 2017, volunteer work prior to the trip is required. We especially welcome our program alumni to volunteer again this year as a way to give back to the program.

Support Education Program Working Group will host a presentation by 2016 China trip team on September 25, 2016 at 3:45pm in room 325, please come and join us to share all the interesting and meaningful stories from our students. This presentation will help you to understand and know more about this program. We will also answer all your questions about the program.

Thanks and we are looking forward to working with you!

The NCLS Support Education Program Working Group