May 11

Scholarship Opportunity

The NCLS Support Education Program (SEP) offers financial assistance to needing families by providing partial or full scholarships to cover NCLS tuition.
Scholarships are funded through grants, donations, and fundraisers from SEP.
Application and Grant Process:
Step 1: Please register the NCLS courses at
Please note: the financial aid application will not be considered without the course registration.
Step 2: Fill out and sign the application form (to be completed by parents/Guardians of the household). The deadline for the Fall semester is the last day of July. The deadline for the Spring semester is the last day of December.
Step 3: Once receiving the application form, the SEP Financial Aid Committee will review the application. The approval process usually takes about 1-2 week.
Please note: The Committee may ask the applicant to provide more information or documents if needed.
Step 4: The applicant will be notified through email about the financial aid decision. If approved, the tuition in the registration system will be deducted based on the approved amount.
Please send the form to and email us should you have any questions.